Agiloft ConvoAI

Have a conversation with your contracts

Agiloft has integrated its open, scalable AI Platform with AI pioneer Cognizer’s Genius™ platform to bring to life ConvoAI, a user-friendly search feature that allows users to ask questions and pose follow-ups in natural language to more quickly find the information they’re looking for in their contract documents. Our vision with ConvoAI is to enable all customers, both everyday contracting professionals and less frequent CLM users, to have a conversation with their contracts to get to what they’re looking for, rather than spend time figuring out the right keyword search terms and filters.

Want to test ConvoAI?

Before we release ConvoAI to all new and existing customers, we are inviting a small number of organizations to gain early access to this new search feature and provide feedback to our Product team. Here at Agiloft, we want to ensure ConvoAI is delivering a simple and convenient search experience and understand where ConvoAI can be better before releasing this feature more broadly. To learn more and be considered for this ConvoAI Early Adopter Program, please visit our program overview page 

Top four benefits of ConvoAI:

It’s simple to set up and use.

With ConvoAI, users can get to the things they want in the way they’re thinking about them. Users conduct searches simply by typing questions in natural language and posing follow-ups. Plus, setup of ConvoAI is quick and easy; there’s no need to worry about cleaning up data beforehand to make it searchable.

It’s convenient to adopt.

Agiloft’s ConvoAI is accessible from both the Agiloft CLM user interface and Agiloft for Microsoft Teams. This flexibility in ConvoAI access makes it possible not just for frequent CLM users, but also less-frequent business users, to gain access to a comfortable, intuitive interface through which they can search for contract details. Regardless of an organization’s CLM maturity level, ConvoAI quickly enhances the value the Agiloft CLM platform brings to an organization. Once set up, users can instantly conduct a simple search or a complex dive into contract data.

It’s secure.

Although ConvoAI applies advanced AI technologies to dive deep into an organization’s contracts, security and data privacy are never sacrificed. Documents searched by ConvoAI remain within Agiloft’s private managed cloud. In addition, document-level permissions remain the same within ConvoAI as they are across an organization’s Agiloft platform. So there’s no need to worry about wandering eyes gaining access to documents through this search tool.

It learns and thinks differently.

To develop ConvoAI, Agiloft partnered with Cognizer, a pioneering AI technology company, to create a fundamentally different way for users to retrieve contract information. Cognizer’s Genius technology, which powers ConvoAI, delivers an innovative and patented combination of natural language AI and graph database technologies that learn more quickly and think differently about the user’s objective for contract data to help that user find the data where and when they need it.

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