Pacesetter Awards

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Celebrating You

Pacesetters are the heroic few who set a new standard of what’s possible. Across the Agiloft user community, there are pacesetters using CLM to solve tricky problems in new and innovative ways, paving the way for others to follow.

Though we believe all Agiloft customers are already ahead of the curve, there are some that are going above and beyond, solving the toughest challenges with innovation and inspiration. This awards program is designed to recognize the pacesetters within the Agiloft community that are stretching the limits of CLM.

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Eligibility & Nomination

Whether you’d like to submit yourself or a colleague that uses Agiloft, fill out the nomination form (which should only take about 10 minutes) and select a category to be entered into. Once the application period closes, a committee on the Agiloft team will carefully review the submissions to pick a winner in each category. Winners will be notified before they’re publicly acknowledged and celebrated!


Force Multiplier

Those that have significantly expanded the contract volume they can process using automation

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Data Liberator

Those that have unleashed greater access to contract data than ever before


Those that have connected systems, teams or departments through Agiloft to create smooth, centralized, and transparent contract processes


Those that have greatly consolidated or reduced processes and steps with Agiloft


Those that are going beyond the limits of a typical Agiloft user, thinking outside the box and acting innovatively with the tool

Pacesetter Awards Timeline