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Supporting the Strategic CLO

Agiloft’s data-first agreement platform was designed with the legal team in mind. Focus on the most important tasks and rely on proven contract lifecycle automation to transform all aspects of your operation from contract creation and negotiation to ongoing organization and management. Agiloft becomes the frontline for your legal department, providing the entire organization with vital contract information, further solidifying your team as strategic business leaders.

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Raise the contracting bar

Boost productivity

Increase activity with no extra effort by automating numerous repetitive or mundane legal and legal operations tasks

Let data drive

Proactively assess risk, identify trends, and suggest improvements for both process and performance from the real-time data within and about your contracts

Enforce guardrails

Ensure contracts are created from your preferred language, easily identify risks and opportunities to implement security and standardization across documents

Take the reins

Find the contracting workflow that works for you, and be swift in iteration, with a no-code interface built for the end user

Globalize access

Create a foundational system of record that connects any employee to up-to-date contract information, in their preferred system

Drive the business

Empower legal to maximize revenue at every turn with a streamlined workflow, optimized resources, and advantageous contracts

Cleaning up the contract workflow

“Agiloft helps to keep us on track and balance speed and risk” — See how Bissell put Agiloft at the center of their global contract process.
Hype, headlines, and haters

Legal’s AI rollercoaster

Navigate through the noise and see how you can actually put AI into practice across your organization today.

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