New Features: Google and Custom API

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Contract Lifecycle Management leader announces seamless integration capabilities to improve the flow of contract data and ensure cross-compatibility with other business systems

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., February 29, 2024 – Agiloft, the most trusted global leader in data-first contract lifecycle management (CLM), today announced enhanced features for connectivity including a new Google Docs App and new custom API Platform that further enables the flow of contract data across thousands of business-critical systems so users can access the information they need, when they need it, in the tools they prefer. The new capabilities include:

  • Agiloft App for Google Docs – enables users to utilize Agiloft’s CLM functionality within widely-used Google Docs platform. The new Agiloft for Google Docs app enables users to quickly and efficiently review their agreements in Google Docs, make redlines, and tag key terms and clauses with all document changes synced back to Agiloft.
  • API Platform – further expanding Agiloft’s Integration Hub, the new API Platform provides non-technical users with an easy and intuitive way to build and manage custom APIs. The platform’s simple interface enables any authorized user to set up fresh integrations that have granular access control, adding to well over 1000 existing prebuilt enterprise integrations provided within the Integration Hub.  
  • Tree View – helps users to discover and compare related agreements at a glance. Tree View unravels complex relationships by visualizing them in a clear, intuitive branching tree structure. Helping improve governance, Tree View helps users quickly find related records and save valuable time and effort.

“In this release, we are continuing our mission of increasing connectivity and usability in the Agiloft platform,” said Andy Wishart, Chief Product Officer at Agiloft. “With our data-first approach, flowing contract data into and out of relevant applications is a critical functionality. Our new API Platform within the Integration Hub gives customers more control over their contract data than ever before, allowing more freedom to connect data the way that best suits their tech ecosystem and work streams. On the usability side, Tree View and the new Google Docs app empower users with more time savings, contract visibility, and options to manage contracts in the apps they most prefer.”

Today’s enhancements are now available to customers alongside Agiloft’s new generative AI redlining capability announced in January, which helps to streamline negotiations and empowers users to significantly increase the speed with which they’re able to redline, negotiate, and ultimately agree on contract terms.

On Agiloft’s GenAI strategy, Nikhil Gaur, Research Analyst & Project Associate at Spend Matters, says, “Agiloft continues to take a methodical approach to generative AI, adding features with real value, but doing so carefully and without overpromising. The redlining capability in particular will be useful as it allows customers to select key areas and more quickly arrive at mutually agreeable language.”

To learn how Agiloft can transform your data-first contracting process, visit the Agiloft website.

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