Integration Hub

Let’s be

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Everyone & Everything,

Integration Hub makes data flow freely. Connecting to over 1000 systems through recipes a non-technical user can cook up, it liberates data for everyone to use. No more wondering what’s going on: now everyone, everywhere, knows.

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Data needs to spread its wings.


Make everything you know about every agreement available, wherever it’s needed, to whoever needs it.


Integrates virtually any system in use throughout the organization, ensuring broad usage and alignment.


A simple interface that any authorized user can access to set up integrations, anywhere, any time.


With new applications and systems added all the time, if it’s in use in your business, you’ll be able to connect it.


When everyone can operate from their favorite system, they become enthusiastic members of your project.


No more arguments about whose data is right, because everyone has the same data at the same time.

Why Integration Hub Users breathe easy Every Day

Never miss a deadline Get the best ROI Deliver transformation Keep processes up-to-date

Never miss a deadline

With everyone on the same page, processes flow smoothly, agreements work for all across their lifecycles.

Get the best ROI

Adoption soars when users stay in their favorite systems, delivering exceptional value for money.

Deliver transformation

New integrations all the time mean the system becomes a key system of record within their digital transformation.

Keep processes up-to-date

It’s no-code, no-techie stuff, so there’s no “don’t touch that!” moments: process tweaks are updated quickly and easily.