AI Platform

The Force Multiplier

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Artificial Intelligence +
Human intellect.

The AI platform accelerates core tasks so you’re free to be brilliant. Import legacy contracts rapidly, onboard third-party contracts wisely, train algorithms to find just what you need, and introduce generative AI to your contracting workflow with not a hint of programming needed. Human-centric, pragmatic AI that really works.

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Targeted. Accurate. Practical.


Laser-focused on solving real challenges: contract onboarding, review & analysis, and data discovery.


Flexible enough to use public and private models, empowers non-technical users to create bespoke algorithms, quickly and easily.


Humans control how to use what the AI produces, retaining full control over how automated language is used.


Uncovers unexpected and paradigm-shifting patterns in agreements that change how the business runs.


Does the mundane work automatically and without complaint, so brilliant minds are free to work their magic.


As the science of AI deepens and strengthens, new innovations are delivered at least twice a year, protecting the investment.

Why Agiloft Users Stay Calm Every Day

Focus on the big things Freeze 3rd party contract risk A community of support Human-centric pragmatism

Focus on the big things

Eliminate busy-work, automate the everyday, and make great agreements work.

Freeze 3rd party contract risk

AI Platform spots risky terms and clauses, automagically and predictably.

A community of support

Agiloft and our partners are always here to support and guide

Human-centric pragmatism

Every AI feature solves a real challenge, and is overseen by humans who confirm the value.