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Cure contract complexity

Healthcare is complex, so are its contracts. There is a way to simplify the process and drive better business outcomes through contract tracking, obligation management, and understanding the best terms for negotiation.  

It’s all about the data.

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Benefits of CLM for Healthcare

Ease complexity

Centralize data for easier searching and reporting. Automate standard contract tasks to free up legal bandwidth.

Remain compliant

Ensure no risky language makes its way into new agreements.

Connect departments

No more data siloes and missing information when everyone is pulling from the same source of truth.

Reduce risk

Being alerted to important contractual dates and commitments mitigates your level of risk.

Increase adoption

User adoption is even easier with integrations into the very applications your different departments work in.

Stay future-proof

Solve your contractual processing problems today and have a scalable, flexible solution for solving tomorrow’s problems.

EVMS cuts contract time by 30%

“Everyone knows where each contract is, since it’s in Agiloft. I can say the department is thrilled.”
Mark Babashanian
VP of Administration and Finance, EVMS
Cure Uncertainty

The impact of data availability in healthcare contract management

Learn how availability and usability of healthcare contracting data can help drive towards your business goals.

Read all about it
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