In a modern business environment where everything is needed ASAP, workflow efficiency has become a critical focus of innovation for companies. To meet this new standard, businesses are employing more software tools to automate processes that traditionally took entire departments to manage. The problem is, without powerful syncing and integration capabilities, software tools can become islands unto themselves and do not actually save time if they cannot work with each other.

That was the dilemma that La Jolla Pharmaceutical faced when replacing its homegrown contract system, which, with over 2,000 contracts and no means of notification or tracking, could no longer meet the company’s needs. In addition to contract monitoring, the pharmaceutical company needed CLM software that could easily sync with Coupa’s Open Business Network, which it used to manage suppliers and spending. This narrowed the field of contract management software vendors considerably.

La Jolla selected Agiloft’s Contract Management Suite because of its ability to sync seamlessly with Coupa and because of Agiloft’s unconditional satisfaction guarantee. “It was the most attractive. With the money-back guarantee you can’t beat it. If we didn’t like the software after a certain amount of time, we didn’t have to pay for it,” said Vicki Peyton, Senior Document Management Associate at La Jolla.

After a successful implementation, La Jolla immediately began to see the efficiency at work with Agiloft’s CLM system. The day the system went live, La Jolla received a rushed agreement that effortlessly flowed through Agiloft, synced with Coupa, and then proceeded automatically through the rest of the workflow, completing the very same day.

This level of efficiency is changing the way La Jolla and other companies are doing business, making processes faster, more transparent, and easier to integrate with other departments and software applications. Read La Jolla’s full story here.

Do you have a process that needs automating? Agiloft’s configurable, no-code platform can automate any business process and easily integrate with other systems to ensure a new level of efficiency for your entire organization.