Meet The Winners of the 2023 Orange Awards!

From New Zealand to New York, our nominees traveled great distances to convene under one roof.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Not this year!

At the Agiloft Summit 2023, hosted at The Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas from Jan. 24-26, Agiloft bestowed our Orange Awards upon special customers and partners that are shattering the limits of what is possible in CLM.

From New Zealand to New York, from San Francisco to South Africa, from Austin to Australia, these award nominees traveled great distances to convene under one roof, setting a global world stage for excellence in contracting.

Orange Award recipients are customers believed to exemplify innovation, success, and efficacy in their use of Agiloft CLM, as well as partners that are critical in driving professional advancement, thought leadership, and scale.

Our Orange Awards nominees have rolled out Agiloft in multiple countries, juggled multi-phase implementations, and made a financial impact by saving lost revenue and identifying opportunities for cost savings. They have automated complex business processes, streamlined and decreased risk at their organizations, and harnessed the power of charts and reports to analyze KPIs and compare them against past performance.

Those in the running represented many different industries, professions, and organizations—both big and small—but one thing they have in common is they are some of the best and brightest minds in contracting.

Below are the winners of this year’s Orange Awards.

The 2023 Customer Orange Awards

Best CLM Transformation: Lumen

Lumen is a next-generation platform for applications and data. They demonstrated excellence in CLM transformation, overhauling their entire CLM process from migrating and converting millions of documents to implementing AI extraction functionalities that support the capture of various types of data.

CLM Super User Award: Amerisure

This award was created to honor a customer who truly maximizes the functionalities of Agiloft, fully embracing a limitless mindset when it comes to enhancing contract management. Amerisure, the nation’s leading provider of commercial property and casualty insurance, redefined business operations and set the precedent for enterprise-wide digital transformation.

The Academia Impact Award: National University

This special award goes to those working in the education sector and making a difference in their organization. National University is a growing network of nonprofit educational institutions. They migrated from an outdated system to Agiloft CLM, resulting in a multitude of benefits and new capabilities.

The Best Workflow Transformation Award: CDW

CDW is the leading provider of technology products and services for business, government, and education. Recognized for revolutionizing their CLM workflows and becoming the industry leader in turnaround times.

The 2023 Partner Orange Awards

Our Partner Orange Awards are designed specifically to honor and celebrate the strategic business connections we share with our partners. The goal of any good technology partnership is to enhance both products, to make each other wildly successful, and to provide a joint offering to customers that is better than either of us could do on our own.

It requires dedication across both organizations – not just in product and engineering teams, but in professional services, marketing, support, customer success, sales, and every other aspect of the business.

Our partners are critical force multipliers in driving innovation, thought leadership, and scale. Given Agiloft’s almost-limitless flexibility and extensibility, we encourage our partners to develop new and innovative workflows and solutions atop the Agiloft platform. This is the purest expression of a partnership – the combination of expertise and resources that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Below are our Partner Orange Award winners.

Technology Partner of the Year Award: Workato

Workato provides a game-changing integration platform that has been revolutionary for both Agiloft and its customers. Working side by side for nearly a year, Workato has allowed Agiloft to leapfrog through the CLM market and deliver the most integrated platform.

Implementation Partner of the Year Award: Deloitte

This award is for outstanding achievements in delivering transformational business outcomes to clients through the implementation of the Agiloft platform. Deloitte is recognized for its strength in delivering smart, agile, and effective contracting solutions on a global scale.

Global Reseller of the Year Award: SaaSam Group

This award recognizes a global reseller who helps provide and deliver Agiloft’s world-class CLM solution to customers around the world. Operating across three offices in New Zealand, Australia, and The United Kingdom, SaaSam Group specializes in custom integrations of Agiloft.

North American Reseller of the Year Award: Koho Consulting

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Koho Consulting is Agiloft’s largest reseller partner in North America. Possessing a highly skilled team of Agiloft experts, Koho focuses on providing software and consulting services for organizations looking to execute their digital transformation through the use of CLM.

Partner Spirt Award: Heather McEwen, Founder and Board Chair of the SaaSam Group

The winner of this award is given to an individual within the Agiloft partner network who embodies the Agiloft Spirit of innovation, service, and partnership. Heather has worked as a technology and business management leader for over thirty-five years. A driven entrepreneur as well as an inspiration to women in technology, she’s founded, led, and developed several start-ups and companies, including SaaSam Group.

Congratulations again to our winners of this year’s Orange Awards! Choosing the winners is never easy, but these customers and partners have truly shattered the limits of what is possible with CLM.

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