Last month, Agiloft founder and CTO Colin Earl sat down with Dawn Tiura, host of the Sourcing Industry Landscape podcast, to discuss how automated contract management can help strengthen supply chains for vaccine providers and distributors. In this timely podcast, Earl lays out some key capabilities of contract management software that aid these supply chains:

  • Tracking supplier contract data against real-time supply chain data using integrated logistics software in the field, like barcode scanners, GPS location data, truck temperatures, etc.
  • Managing and forecasting risk in the supply chain using contract and performance data to anticipate delays and issues with delivery
  • Secure, web-based interface for CLM ensures business continuity and supply chain resiliency even during lockdowns and remote work

Earl goes on to talk about the power of automation and how CLM software has helped transform supply chains across industries from pharma and biotech to manufacturing.

Listen to the podcast here.

For more on this topic, read Earl’s article “Why AI-enabled Contract Management is a Critical Tool in the COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain” in Supply Chain Management Review.


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