5 Reasons Why Integrating Agiloft CLM with Miratech's Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) Platform will Give You an Edge

Five reasons why our integration with Mitratech's ELM will give you a competitive edge.

What happens when you combine best-in-class Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) technologies?  

Truly unparalleled legal team performance.  

This May, Agiloft was thrilled to announce its technology partnership with Mitratech, the leading global provider of legal, compliance, and HR software. By joining forces, Agiloft and Mitratech are simplifying legal technology stacks and providing a single source of data between legal matters and contracts. Together we are driving exceptional consistency, efficiency, and collaboration across legal teams and between legal and broader business teams. 

Our integrated ELM and CLM solution

Our Agiloft CLM platform and Mitratech’s ELM platform, TeamConnect, now communicate effortlessly with each other, enabling the seamless exchange of data between related legal matters and contracts and providing a “single front door” for legal requests from the broader business.  

The pairing of Agiloft’s and Mitratech’s technology, which is the first pairing of market-leading ELM and CLM platforms, empowers legal professionals with deeper data visibility for more accurate decision-making, elevated collaboration through simplified processes, and greater productivity thanks to automated workflows and data exchange.  

“We could not be more excited to partner with Mitratech and continue our mission of building the most integrated enterprise CLM on the market,” said Eric Laughlin, Agiloft CEO. “The most powerful CLM systems connect with cross-functional business systems that drive strategic processes and let data flow seamlessly across an organization.”

Five reasons this ELM + CLM integration will give you an edge

Legal teams face more demands than ever in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, yet they often have limited resources to address these increasing demands. Our combined ELM and CLM solution is designed to move teams like yours toward more optimal legal operations and performance with the added benefit of giving you an edge over competitors that are still relying on disconnected legal systems.  

Let’s dive into the benefits you’ll experience from our partnered solution:

1. Greater efficiency

Save time and reduce redundant tasks by automating workflows that require inputs from both your ELM and CLM platforms. You’ll bypass the need to flip between two systems, in turn speeding up cycle times and lowering legal spend.  

2. Increased visibility for more informed decision-making

Quickly find the data you need by directly linking contracts to related legal matters (and vice versa) and seamlessly exchanging this data so it is where it is needed when it is needed.   

3. Lower risk

Reduce inconsistencies and gaps with data across your ELM and CLM platforms that often arise from reliance on manual data collection and transfer, and maintain a thorough audit trail of all activity pertaining to both matters and contracts. 

4. Boost productivity

Accelerate the transfer of data into the appropriate platform so your legal colleagues can tackle what they are responsible for with fewer bottlenecks. Want to sync matter numbers with related contracts, or sync outside counsel billing with relevant matters and contracts? This solution has you covered.

5. Streamline collaboration

Reduce slowdowns with tasks that involve your legal team and the broader business by using our “single front door” to legal. Business stakeholders now have a convenient channel for submitting legal requests without needing the ad hoc emails and meetings that are usually required.  

About Mitratech’s ELM, TeamConnect  

Mitratech’s TeamConnect is the end-to-end ELM platform for Legal Operations to deliver more efficient legal services to the rest of the organization, combining matter management, e-billing, legal spend management, document management, reporting and analytics, and process automation. 

About Agiloft CLM

Built on a no-code platform, Agiloft’s flagship contract lifecycle management (CLM) suite comes with fully-customizable, best practice functionality for buy- and sell-side contract management, including a searchable repository, clause and template library, flexible approval workflows, automated notifications, built-in AI, security and compliance safeguards, and seamless integration with existing systems. 

Learn more about how this combined solution could give your team an advantageWe’d love to chat with you!

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