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This page provides a set of high level requirements and describes how each requirement is supported in Agiloft.

System Requirement Agiloft Capability

Requirement: Auditability

The system must be auditable in multiple ways to guarantee compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations.

Identifying a defined business process, demonstrating how to enforce the process, and showing how the process is followed in any instance must be reliable and easy for auditors.

The system should make it possible to capture and collate data, such as who logged in, the user's IP address, and what records the user viewed.


Auditability is automatically built-in and includes workflow, history, and audit logging.


Business processes are defined in a graphical interface that automates, documents and enforces in a form that is fully auditable.

Workflow reduces administrative load, increases transparency and automates the flow of information throughout the business.

Audit Logs and History

Agiloft tracks all record changes, and provides a snap-shot of the record as it existed at any point in time.

Activity Logs

Any kind of user activity can be tracked with varying levels of granularity and displayed in graphical charts, HTML reports, or Excel spreadsheets.

Requirement: Integration

The system must include prebuilt integrations with standard technologies, such as LDAP/Active Directory and MS Exchange, and support a robust set of Web Services, REST APIs, and scripting languages.


Prebuilt integration with standard applications and technologies includes LDAP/Active Directory, MS Exchange, Word, Excel, and bar code scanners.

Because the data model is entirely flexible, it maps to the requirements of other systems. Information transfers are triggered by workflow events or scheduled by time-based business rules.

APIs and scripting interfaces include Web Services, REST, hyperlinks, Perl and JavaBean..

Requirement: Adaptability

Once the system has proven itself in the initial deployment, it should be easily extensible to other business areas. Data models, business rules, workflows, access permissions, and data input forms must be fully and rapidly customizable.


The adaptive platform is easily modified and extended, including the ability to automate business processes with an unlimited number of custom tables, relationships, fields, workflows, business rules, groups, teams, and user portals.

Requirement: Scalability

The solution must scale to support thousands of users, update hundreds of thousands of records per hour, and maintain databases containing tens of millions of records, without requiring non-commodity hardware.


Agiloft is built on the EJB architecture designed for enterprise scalability and is capable of generating over 200,000 tickets per hour on an Intel server costing less than $5,000.

Requirement: Security

The system must support a fine-grained security model for precise access control.

The software platform and hosting infrastructure, when SaaS based, should be subject to regular security audits from an independent firm and the vendor should make the results readily available.


Both the Agiloft software and hosting infrastructure are subject to regular third party security audits.

The system supports an unlimited number of user groups, which control menu and record level access as well create/read/edit access permissions to individual fields within records.

Search-based permission filters provide sophisticated and unique permission structures.

Requirement: Uptime

For SaaS based products, vendors provide up-time guarantees that reflect their confidence in service availability. Some vendors offer a pro-rata refund while others return the entire cost of that month's service if the target up-time is not met.

If the product is installed in-house, it should support high availability options so that service can continue even in the event of a motherboard failure.


Agiloft's hosted service is fully redundant and our SLA guarantees high availability service levels and industry-recognized reliability.

We supply turnkey systems through our hardware partners. For high-availability, we supply pairs of Linux servers, pre-configured for full redundancy, at no additional charge. We can also provide instructions for configuring machines from your preferred provider or consulting services to do the configuration for you.

Requirement: Reporting

The system must support dashboards, charts, and reports that provide quick insight into business processes, as well as business rules that provide active notification of any problems.


Custom graphical charts, dashboards and reports can be created in just a few minutes. All reports may be scheduled for automatic distribution via email.

Business rules support the automatic escalation of critical issues and automate interactions with other systems.

Requirement: Standards Compliance

The system should support standards such as HIPAA, ADA, ITIL, and CFR 21 Part 11.


Agiloft support standards for security, data protection, auditability, and electronic signatures, including CFR 21 Part 11, HIPPA and ADA.

The ITIL standard is fully implemented in the Agiloft ITIL template and TAPI is supported for telephony integration.

Requirement: Platform Choice

The vendor should offer a SaaS option so its customers aren't required to purchase additional hardware to get started. Once the solution has been tested, it should be movable to the customer's choice of an in-house Linux or Windows server to eliminate monthly SaaS charges. The system should allow full integration with sensitive back-end systems without impacting the customer firewall.


Customers have a choice of deploying the solution as a SaaS service or an in-house application and can move from one to the other at will.

Requirement: Web-Based

The product should be entirely web-based so that no installation or upgrades are required and include support for the client's choice of browser.


Agiloft was designed from the ground up as a pure web application. There is no client software to install, and since the program is accessed through standard browsers, and it supports Firefox, IE, Safari, and Chrome.

Requirement: Backups

System backups should be fully automated and able to move an entire deployment to a new server or restore in case of disaster.


To prevent data loss caused by disk failures, a fully automatic backup utility is built into the product.

Automated backups include rules and customizations in addition to data, and use an XML format that is OS and database independent, allowing easy movement between Linux systems running MySQL and Windows systems running MS SQL.

Requirement: Upgrades

Upgrades should require little effort and must allow migration from any revision to any later revision without affecting customizations.


Agiloft's upgrade utility takes only six clicks and supports migration to any later revision

The utility automatically creates full backups, downloads the new release, upgrades the system and performs checks to guarantee system integrity. All customizations are maintained in upgrades.

Requirement: Cost

Starting cost should be reasonable and the cost structure should be simple and inclusive, without hidden extras or charges.


Thanks to our no-code platform and 10+ years of experience addressing the needs of customers ranging from SMB's to the Fortune 10, Agiloft is able to provide clear and reasonable quotes. And 98.5% of implementations are completed on or under budget.

Requirement: Vendor Independence

IT staff should be able to extend and maintain the system themselves after training, rather than tying the customer to long-term dependence on consultants.

Ideally, the solution should be designed to be maintained by users and require a week of training to reach proficiency. Systems designed without this criterion may require over a month of training and carry increased effort and risks when implementing changes.


Online training materials are freely available and the full administrator training course takes only five days.

Following the initial deployment, customers often extend the system themselves, without consulting services.

Requirement: Company Stability

The vendor should have at least ten years' experience providing enterprise solutions. For CIOs of large companies, the vendor's track record with other Fortune 500 companies is most relevant. For start-ups, experience with small companies is of greater interest. The vendor should be financially sound and profitable.


Agiloft was founded as an enterprise software firm in 1991 and has grown organically by providing solutions to companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies such as Chevron, Emerson Electric, and NEC. The company is profitable and has no debt or external investors

References are available from companies of all sizes.

Requirement: Low Risk

The vendor should be able to describe exactly how the software addresses current business need(s) and demonstrate the process prior to purchase.

The vendor should be willing to commit to a fixed-price implementation for the entire project based on a mutual specification.

Different vendors may offer different refund forms if a project fails, ranging from credit for additional software purchases to a full cash refund of all software consulting costs. The strength of the warranty indicates the vendor's confidence in their software and implementation services.


During the personalized, pre-sales demo a professional services team member configures the system to execute processes specified by you.

We work with you to define a specification for the entire system and provide a fixed price quote for the implementation.

We provide the industry's only unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you are less than delighted with the system, you get a full refund of the software costs.

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