You'll be amazed at what
you can do with it.

– Tim Hicks, ArcaTech

These self-paced tutorials help you get the most out of Agiloft and demonstrate new capabilities that you might not be aware of. If you prefer printed documentation, please download the Agiloft Reference Manual.

Staff Tutorials

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Staff Interface Overview

General overview of the layout and functions available in the staff interface of Agiloft. (6:48)

Allow Pop-ups

Short tutorial demonstrating how to enable pop-ups in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. (1:03)

Simple Searching

Simple searching techniques, allowing you to easily navigate through Agiloft's interface. (4:03)

Advanced Searching

Learn about the power of Agiloft's search capabilities and how to use searching to find records and automate your processes. (4:00)

Managing Views

See records the way you want with customized views. Learn how to create and manage table views in Agiloft. (3:59)

Adding a Staff User

In this brief overview we'll show you how to create a new user in the staff interface of your Agiloft knowledebase. (2:35)

Importing Users

This tutorial demonstrates how to upload users from an Excel spreadsheet into your Agiloft knowledgebase. (3:40)

Editing Multiple Records at a Time (Mass Edit)

How to update one or more fields in multiple records at the same time. (2:09)

Admin Tutorials

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Admin Training Overview

Introduction to Agiloft and definition of main concepts and overview of how it can be used. (11:09)

Admin Setup Menu

Manage and customize your KnowledgeBase from the Setup menu. Learn how to configure email accounts and notifications, modify workflows, manage user groups and more. (5:48)

Using the Workflow Editor

Design your process flow with actions and validations using our drag-and-drop workflow editor. (2:57)

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