Workflow Management

Bring agility and control to even your most
complex task workflows and business processes.
Agiloft can handle it.

Improve efficiency, performance, and communication across your organization. Agiloft provides a fully configurable and versatile framework to automate and manage even the most complex task flows and custom business processes.


Powerful workflow functionality, customizable business rules, and flexible task templates work together to automate and manage any business process without the need for custom code.

Workflow Functionality

Agiloft’s workflow functionality gives you the power to control status and state transitions. Agiloft makes it easy to trigger the creation of task templates or approval workflows as needed for each project type.

Configurable Business Rules

can validate your data, trigger event- or time-based notifications, and update data in linked records or external systems.


can be applied to any of your projects or workflow types, whether parallel or sequential. Required, optional, and ad hoc task types are all supported.

Agile Workflow

Build your own custom workflow with Agiloft’s easy to use drag-and-drop graphical workflow editor. It builds and documents the system’s actual behavior as you design it, so you can automate new processes in record time, without programming.

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Increase efficiency and consistency

across your organization by automating frequently executed workflows such as new employee, partner, or customer onboarding.

Reduce manual errors

and eliminate duplication of effort by automatically integrating all of your processes with essential data such as employee and asset information.

Consolidate operations

under a single extensible framework that adapts to evolving business needs without the need for programming.

The biggest single benefit from implementing Agiloft can be described in one word: Efficiency.

Kelynn Wang, EMC

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From standard internal task workflows to complex client projects, Agiloft helps your team collaborate more effectively to keep your projects on track, on budget, and on time.

Integrated Time Tracking allows you to track billable and non-billable employee hours by client, project, task, or ticket to easily invoice clients, manage human resources, and keep projects on schedule.


Keep your projects on track

with automatic task assignment and alerts of upcoming deadlines, milestones, and deliverables.

Improve team communication

with a system that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, by team members around the world.

Uncover project bottlenecks

by measuring costs and planned vs. actual performance with customizable reports and dashboards.

We can now do in five minutes what took an hour before.

Chris Carroll, 101 Telco Solutions

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Increase organizational agility, optimize efficiency, and improve performance with Agile BPM that dynamically adapts to evolving business needs. Administrators can make deep configuration changes using only a browser, so there's no need to bring in programmers every time your process changes.

Additional Functionality

Precise Access Permissions

Easily manage the security controls necessary for your organization and provide users with the exact access permissions they need, right down to the field level.

Advanced Search Functionality

Find records that meet any type of criteria with sophisticated search capability, including historical searching. Drive your business rule actions through saved searches.

Built-in Auditability

Use Agile BPM to access historical snapshots, which display any record as it existed at any point in the past. Complete audit logs capture changes to any record and all types of system events.

Agiloft BPM provides improved performance, security, and flexibility.

Dennis Dekens, Chevron

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From $45
per User
per Month

Agiloft has flexible pricing packages to suit most budgets. Whether you’re looking for a hosted cloud solution or an in-house deployment, Agiloft has an affordable plan for your organization.


Organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies depend on Agiloft’s Agile Workflow and Custom BPM solutions.

  • ACT Conferencing

  • Conde Nast

  • Chevron

  • Hot Topic Media

  • Metrico Wireless

  • USA Mobility

  • ProFunds