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The global leader in enterprise
contract and commerce
lifecycle management

Agiloft’s robust feature set enables it to automate and streamline the workflows that are associated with initiating, executing, and monitoring enterprise contracts. This powerful platform meets the needs of large-scale organizations in departments including procurement, legal, sales, and more. It empowers them to reduce costs when it comes to purchasing, generate higher sales, and lower legal and compliance risks during the entire lifecycle of their contracts.

Our software was created to address the needs of the enterprise from more than a technical perspective, addressing organizational and infrastructure needs as well. We stand apart from other enterprise CLM companies because only we have the confidence to back up our enterprise contract management solutions with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

And we will not only deliver you a successful enterprise software implementation but one that will adapt rapidly and reliably to your evolving needs going forward and provide true business agility. With Agiloft you gain a true long-term partner to help drive your success.

All-in-one commerce lifecycle and contract management solution

Do not let contract value be siloed by inflexible and inferior technology.

Contracts do not exist in a legal vacuum, and neither should your CLM. Our enterprise contract management system’s robust feature set works across the entire enterprise including, procurement, sales ops, legal, and even IT. So from contract authoring, negotiation and contract creation through to document management and contract renewal, your organization’s contract management will work harmoniously across all these functions.

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All-in-one solution

Designed to scale with the world's largest organizations

Foundational infrastructure for enterprise scalability.

Agiloft's EJB3 architecture is fundamentally more scalable and secure than competitors. With support systems over a Petabyte (1,000 TB) in size, double redundancy with real-time replication from California to Virginia, and backups every 4 hours, you can be sure that your system contract data remains safe and accessible even during regional outages. For customers around the world, real-time replications can be completed in separate zones of your choosing.

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Award-winning team to satisfy your complex enterprise implementation

According to Gartner, 75% of IT projects fail.

By contrast, our North America-based implementation team leads the industry with a 99.6% success rate verified by overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. We are the only CLM vendor with the confidence to offer a complete satisfaction guarantee covering our contract management systems. With named account reps, 24/7 Support, and over 25 years in business, you can be confident in Agiloft's customer-centric approach.

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Award-winning team

No workflow too complex. No process too specialized.

Automate any workflow or contract process with our extensible no-code platform.

The unparalleled adaptability of our no-code technology allows deep customization across the entire system using just the admin browser. By removing the need for custom coding, Agiloft allows rapid prototyping and iterative design driven by user feedback and allows users to refine requirements based on real experience, not just a specification. The system easily adapts to changing business needs because you are not locked into custom code.

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No-code platform

Security is our priority

Protect your enterprise contract management system with military-grade security and precise access controls.

Agiloft is SOC2 Type 2 certified and approved for deployment on the Secure Network at the U.S. Department of Defense, so you can be sure your most critical data is secure. Agiloft's granular permissions limit edit and view access down to the field level, so you can configure precise permissions based on groups, individuals, and even third-party users. Our hosting infrastructure is fully compliant with key standards such as SSAE 18, SOC2 Type 2, GDPR, and HIPAA.

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SOC for Service Organizations
Enterprise Ready

Industry-leading compatibility with prebuilt and custom integrations

Easily integrate with existing enterprise management platforms and legacy systems.

Agiloft comes with prebuilt integration to a wide range of common applications and a robust set of APIs to ease integration with other systems. The flexible data model precisely maps to the requirements of other systems and the transfer of information may be triggered by workflow events or scheduled by timer-based business rules. One-button export/import and entity syncing enable easy migration and integration with large enterprise systems.

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Prebuilt and custom integrations

Hear from Enterprise Professionals

On the sell side we saved over two minutes. So, you can amplify that towards a couple thousand sales folks to save that much time each time they have to enter an agreement or a request to 18,000 statements of work a year. If we even do the quick back of the napkin math, it allows those sellers more time to focus on selling and gives our customers the experience they deserve.

Stephanie Santander, Director, Programs and Contracts, CDW
Stephanie Santander - Agiloft Summit 2019 presentation