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contract data.

ConvoAI makes it easy for anyone with permissions to find and interrogate a contract. Users outside of Legal can look up their contracts, double-check terms and dates, and unlock the data once locked away in a filing cabinet. All without Legal lifting a finger.

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Contract datawants tobe free


Anyone in the organization can be approved to search, analyze, and scrutinize the details about and in key agreements.


There’s no need to train users on legal terms or jargon – natural language processing interprets regular, human language.


All those hours Legal once spent responding to never-ending requests for stored information? A thing of the past.


Approved users can stay on top of auto-renewal dates, volume discounts, and more, protecting plans and budgets.


Procurement can quickly locate existing contracts to ensure obligations are met, and value realized.


Liberating the data from all your contracts changes the game, giving you an advantage competitors can only dream of.

Why Agiloft UsersBring Their A-game Every Day

Cut the boring admin Turbocharge tracking Optimize everything Unfair competitive advantage

Cut the boring admin

Legal is free to do deeper legal work, while others are empowered to manage their agreements.

Turbocharge tracking

Obligations and commitments are brought into the open for granular performance supervision.

Optimize everything

Never miss an obligation, a covenant, an available discount, or a re-negotiation period. Period.

Unfair competitive advantage

Bargain from strength with crystal clear visibility over all your agreements, past and present.