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Agile Contract Management that works the way you do

Contract management software automates the workflows associated with initiating, executing, and monitoring contractual agreements. Implementing a contract management system offers companies significant savings in purchasing, enables more efficient sales cycles, and drastically lowers compliance risk. Recognized as a Leader for the fourth consecutive year in the Gartner 2023 Magic Quadrant for Contract Life Cycle Management, which reviewed the best contract management software available, Agiloft’s artificial intelligence-based contract management software was judged to be easy to set up and configure. In addition, though most contract management systems offer some form of assurance, we are the only CLM vendor with the confidence to offer a complete satisfaction guarantee covering our contract management software.

Contract Lifecycle
Management Suite

Built on a no-code platform, Agiloft’s flagship contract lifecycle management suite (CLM) comes with fully customizable best practice functionality for buy and sell-side contract management including repository and templates, clause library, flexible approval workflows, built-in AI, security and compliance safeguards, automated notifications and seamless integration with existing systems.

Work in the tools you know and trust with Agiloft’s new Connected Experience Platform.  Reduce approval cycle time with  Microsoft Teams and improve negotiations with the newly-designed Agiloft Contract Assistant for Word.  Empower your business with our new Salesforce managed package, M.S. Dynamics, and Tableau to close deals more quickly and visualize contract data to make better decisions.

What is the best contract management software?

Far be it from us to be boastful about our contract management solutions. However, below are just two of the authoritative sources that believe you should strongly consider Agiloft as the contract management software solution for your enterprise.

Contract Lifecycle Management Suite

Agiloft highest rated CLM provider
by customers on Gartner Peer Insights

2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016 Editors' Choiceby PC Magazine

“The most customizable contract management system on the market…Our top pick for contract management software.”

Contract Repository Software

Get immediate access and visibility to all your organization’s contracts. Contract management tools that include configurable dashboards and contract analytics, charts, reports, and saved views provide secure, central contract repository information in flexible formats.

Find any contract or clause in an instant with full-text search of contracts and attached files. OCR converts image files such as JPG or PDF into fully searchable text documents, while still retaining the original image.

Create unlimited templates for any workflow or contract process quickly and easily to easily aid visualising key performance indicators and managing existing contracts through an intuitive user interface.

Template and Clause Libraries

Create contracts instantly using standardized approved language with contract templates or dynamic clause libraries of fully customizable language for each agreement type.

Manage language across contracts by clause type, usage, priority, status, team, owner, contract templates, or any other key terms.

Add and configure custom fields for specific clause library requirements quickly and easily.

Approval Workflows and Execution

Automate even the most complex approval routing process including a combination of sequential, parallel, and conditional approvals.

Manage workflows with outside parties through vendor/client portals using integrated email and SMS messaging.

Streamline contract reviews with automated track changes and version control. Built-in Adobe Sign and DocuSign integration give you secure, legally enforceable e-signature capability.

Top rated by users on Capterra


Keep your data safe from bad actors with an application and hosting infrastructure validated by 3rd party security firm audits and government organizations. Guard against data breaches with configurable two-factor authentication.

Protect your data from disaster with a doubly redundant infrastructure. In addition to redundant servers at the primary data center, it is replicated to secondary servers over 500 miles away. And all servers use redundant SSD drives.

Comply with stringent privacy standards with precise access controls from contract creation to managing contracts. This contract management platform gives you granular control down to the specific fields within records.


Comply with regulatory requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley, GDPR, and HIPAA while managing risk, with precise controls, and a complete audit trail for every contract.

Monitor and report on commercial health of contractual relationships including risk, regulatory compliance, SLA compliance, and more.

Take advantage of robust compliance analytics out-of-the-box, or easily build reports to capture custom metrics.

Buy Side

Monitor contract obligations, and supplier performance against service level agreements with agile contract review software to manage due diligence and contract review process.

Get customized reports and automatic contract tracking alerts for budgets, spend and obligations management, expirations by department, status, vendor, and other variables.

Use pre-built integrations to ERP systems or integrate through API and External System Adapter technology for seamless budgeting, spend analysis, and vendor management.

Spend Matters 2021 Value Leaderfor Contract Management Software

Alerts and Performance Tracking

Ensure the timely execution of every key contract management process with automated alerts, escalations, and assignments through integrated email and SMS messaging. The Agiloft Contract Assistant for Microsoft Outlook app provides Agiloft CLM functionality without leaving your inbox.

Measure KPIs and spot bottlenecks with contract analysis software that has comprehensive, configurable dashboards and reports.

Visualize and drill down into data with graphical charts and custom Excel reports and pivot tables.

Pragmatic AI-Powered Solutions

Use ConvoAI, our natural language search feature, to quickly find the contract documents and details you need. This feature, built in partnership with Cognizer, enables both everyday and less-frequent CLM users to more easily find what they’re looking for, simply by typing questions and asking follow-ups.

Efficiently bring all your contract data into your Agiloft CLM platform, whether dealing with legacy contracts or third-party paper. Maintain one centralized, digitized contract portfolio so you can easily find the contracts and contract details you need to mitigate risk, speed up contract negotiations, and drive better business outcomes.

Take AI model customization into your own hands, a feature not commonly seen on the market today, with AI Trainer. Our intuitive AI Trainer enables you to build custom models that detect the key terms and clauses unique to your organization.

Some of our Contract Management Customers

Organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies depend on Agiloft’s Contract Management software to manage contracts with vendors, partners, and customers.

  • CDW

  • Doosan

  • J.B. Hunt

  • Roche Diagnostics

  • Charter Communications

  • Fraser Health Authority


Our ability to manage matters such as renewal dates, named counterparties, indemnity, and cargo terms is only as good as the information in the system. Agiloft allows us to be detail-oriented and capture that important metadata. Going from a claims system to Agiloft, where we can make the system work the way we want it to, has made a big difference. It’s been a great improvement for the legal team.

Julie Foster, Corporate Contracts Administrator, J.B. Hunt

Flexible pricing
per User

Simple Pricing

Of course, you’re interested to know Agiloft’s contract management software cost? Whether you’re looking for a Cloud solution or an in-house deployment, Agiloft has flexible pricing to suit your budget.