Custom Development

They said it would take about 2 months, then finished in less than 6 weeks and it's rock solid.

-Richard Miller, Carestream Health

Other companies promise to cut your development costs by outsourcing, but outsourced contract developers cannot match the productivity or quality of an experienced team.

We do more than cut costs; we cut time.
We will develop your product in a fraction of the time taken by other vendors, without outsourcing a single line of code.

Our secret is not “cheap” outsourcing, but an adaptive platform and experience. Over the past ten years, our team has developed and integrated all core functionality needed by on-demand applications into
Agiloft, a platform that provides over 90% of the functionality that you need up-front. Designed to support multi-tenancy applications, Agiloft can also be used as a pure in-house solution.

Agiloft gives you such a head-start that your competitors will never catch up. It’s backed by a tightly
managed development team and business infrastructure. The result is a quality product, based on code that
has already been tested and debugged, and is in production use worldwide.

  • When a Fortune 100 oil company needed an online solution to
    manage, verify, automate and audit SoX processes, we delivered it
    in 3 months.
  • When a Fortune 100 electronics company needed an online solution for
    CoCom compliance, we delivered it in 1 month.
  • When we wanted to create a comprehensive CRM solution for our customer base, we developed it in 3 months.

Get Started

  • Take the first steps today. Call us at (650) 839 9900 Ext 1.
  • We will work with your team to develop a detailed specification and cost estimate.
  • We can develop the entire application in-house or work with your team to
    develop or refactor existing code for the SaaS environment.
  • Our implementation services provide everything typically needed to develop and deploy a complete solution, and include all of the following services:
Needs Analysis Analysis of Your Business Needs and Functionality Requirements

Joint Engineering Design Review

Dynamic Data Modeling

Custom Tables
Custom Relationships between Tables
Custom Fields

Custom Business Processes
Custom Business Rules
Custom Workflows
LDAP/Active Directory Integration
Email Integration

Custom Look and Feel

Custom GUI Components

Custom Color schemes

Custom Fonts

Custom Logos

Custom Business Teams and Security

Custom Teams

Custom Groups

Custom Access Permissions

Custom Reporting

Custom Charts

Custom Reports

Custom Functionality

Custom Scripting

Custom Core Development

Custom APIs and Callbacks

Custom Data Import and Conversion Utilities

Installation Software Installation

Network Configuration

Automatic Backup Configuration

Redundant Server Configuration

Followup Staff Training

Administrator Training