Hybrid SaaS

With Agiloft, we are free to choose the model that makes sense for us.

-Max Henrion, Lumina

Agiloft is designed from the ground up as a pure web application with full multi-tenancy support. Unlike some web-based applications, Agiloft is available both as a Hosted Cloud service and for deployment on-premise.

How do you decide which is better for your company?

Our On-premise option offers:

  • Pay as you go computing
  • Your choice of server OS, database, and upgrade schedule
  • On-premise protection for sensitive data behind your own firewall
  • Secure integration with backend systems

Our Hosted Cloud option offers:

  • Pay as you go computing with a low initial cost
  • No purchase or maintenance of hardware, so your IT resources are freed for other tasks
  • Fully redundant systems with guaranteed uptime
  • Rapid return on investment and simplified management
  • The option of a low-cost shared server or a dedicated company server with full SFTP access

Agiloft offers the best of both worlds with a Hosted Cloud solution that you can easily move in-house under IT control, for integration with sensitive backend systems. The transition is amazingly easy. With just a few mouse clicks you can export your entire system from the hosted server and import it onto your own server. If you want to return to a hosted server, that transition is just as easy.

Review our System Requirements for more information.

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