White Papers

We didn't know we needed such a customizable piece of software until we really got into the project. Agiloft gave us everything we needed.

-Brian Pollock, DCG Systems

Five Pitfalls of CLM Software Selection and How to Avoid Them

This paper outlines how to avoid the most common errors made when selecting and implementing contract management software. Abstract: Risk management is one of the primary reasons that companies implement a contract management solution. But what about the risks associated with selecting the wrong CLM software? In this paper we’ll shine a light on the biggest pitfalls of selecting CLM software and share advice on how to avoid these costly mistakes.

Spend Matters Outlook on Contract and Commerce Lifecycle Management

This paper from Spend Matters outlines a new approach to enterprise value creation that puts contracts at the core of all commercial planning and execution. Abstract: Despite serving as the lifeblood of modern commerce, there is no common or strategic framework for managing contracts across the commercial landscape. This paper introduces the idea of Contract and Commerce Lifecycle Management (CCLM), a new methodology that puts contracts at the core of all value creating activity - not just legal activity.

Checking Your Digital Armor: The Critical Elements of Enterprise Data Security

This paper examines the technical, human, and corporate components of enterprise data security, provides actionable recommendations, and highlights some key areas that are frequently overlooked. Abstract: Data security is recognized as essential to the long-term success of any business, yet it is also an area where a large proportion of organizations are deficient. But what we mean by “data security?” And how do we ensure that data is protected against loss or theft while also remaining accessible to those authorized to view or modify it?

How to Ensure the Success of IT Projects

This paper offers precise, actionable suggestions and guidance on how to improve the success rates of IT projects. Abstract: The current success rate of IT projects, from a business perspective, is an abysmal 25%. This paper contains the collected wisdom of over seventy senior IT executives and CIO's regarding the most effective ways to avoid pitfalls and ensure that your project succeeds.

How to Select Enterprise Software

This paper provides clear, actionable advice for choosing an enterprise software solution - from writing an effective RFP to researching vendors and obtaining a meaningful demo. Abstract: The choice of enterprise software can make or break project success. Most providers will assure you that their product can be customized to do whatever you need. But how can you be sure that the product you select will really meet your particular needs and stay within budget? By following the quantitative selection process described in this paper, you can be confident in choosing the right software solution for your specific requirements, at the right price.

GDPR: What You Need to Know

This paper describes the GDPR requirements introduced by the European Union as of May 25 2018. Abstract: The GDPR replaces the varied national data protection laws that have been used by the countries in the EU with a single set of rules. These must be followed by companies that process personal data of EU citizens and non-citizens whose data resides in the EU. This paper describes the GDPR requirements, nomenclature, data rights and details how Agiloft addresses them.

Seven Secrets for Effectively Managing a Support Organization

This paper offers seven principles for making a support operation more efficient and increasing customer satisfaction. Abstract: Why is Support so often perceived as broken? The answer is that effectively managing a Support organization for even a simple product is difficult, and managing support for a complex product or service is as tough as it gets. This paper discusses the challenges involved in managing a sophisticated support organization and the key strategies for dealing with those challenges.

CIO Strategies for Success

This paper discusses the greatest threats to CIO success and the main reason why many CIOs find themselves under fire. It describes the most effective techniques they can employ in order to overcome these challenges and help their companies thrive in a competitive and rapidly changing environment.

Reducing the Cost of Government Compliance with Business Process Automation

This paper examines technologies that reduce the cost of government compliance, as well as the overall cost of doing business, and outlines a plan for implementing such a system. Abstract: Government compliance regulations have significantly raised the costs of doing business in recent years. The 2008 federal takeover of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has increased pressure for additional regulations that will further drive up costs for public companies. This paper summarizes compliance costs, describes technologies that reduce both the cost of government compliance and the overall cost of doing business, illustrates the impact of adopting such a system, and outlines an implementation plan to reduce costs.

ITIL That Fits Your Business

This paper offers an overview of ITIL software and some guidelines for implementing an ITIL solution successfully. Abstract: A significant percentage of ITIL implementations are simply never completed, even after months of training, certification tests, and effort. It is all too common to find that an ITIL implementation actually increases the workload of IT staff without improving service or reliability. Avoid these negative outcomes by doing some homework and approaching ITIL with a clear sense of priorities. This paper offers practical suggestions for gaining the terrific benefits of ITIL without getting lost along the way.

Compliance with CFR21 Part11

This paper discusses the FDA requirements related to CFR 21 Part 11 and describes how Agiloft meets each of its requirements.

Agiloft’s Scalability and Redundancy

This paper provides results on the scalability of the Agiloft platform in production and benchmark settings, and describes options for performance tuning. It details high-availability options, and the redundant configuration of the SaaS service.

Agiloft’s Cloud Computing

The SaaS delivery model can reduce buyer risk and deployment times. This paper examines the challenges of the SaaS delivery model, and describes how they are addressed by a cloud computing infrastructure.