Agiloft Software Architecture

The ability to customize the infrastructure to do a variety of things is really tremendous.

-Manoj Bhatnagar, Atrenta

Agiloft employs a multi-tier, Java EE/RDBMS architecture for enterprise connectivity and compatibility across operating systems.

A fourth generation, Document Object Model (DOM) architecture on the browser provides immediate response (AJAX) and local caching for operations that do not require server access.

The installer will detect and automatically configure the system to communicate through an Apache or IIS webserver. As indicated by the dotted lines, it can also be configured for direct communication with the JSP Servlet container if no webserver is installed on the machine.

As indicated by this diagram, the webserver, database and Java EE server can all be installed on different machines.

To maximize security, the default Agiloft installation configures the database not to listen on any external ports. This prevents the possibility of a remote hacker accessing the database.