Agiloft Features

This page provides information about Agiloft’s features. We recommend viewing demos and tutorials for additional information. The Full Administrator Manual also provides detailed instructions regarding the use of Agiloft features.

Anything you want
Agiloft to do, it can do.

-Suzy Berman, Metrico Wireless

Tables and Fields

Database Schema

Agiloft adapts to meet the individual needs of your company without manual coding. Tables, fields, and relationships can be configured using your browser.

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Configurable Tables and Forms

Create tables and web forms with reports, charts, escalation rules, configurable fields, and workflows, using just your browser.

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You can create a task management webform like this one in just 25 minutes.

Configurable Data Fields

Add, remove, or modify fields as you like, without interrupting production use.

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Field Types

Accurately capture and manage your data with Agiloft's full range of data types.

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Drag and Drop Layouts

Use our drag and drop editor to design custom layouts in minutes.

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Multi-Tab Input Forms

Organize tabs to create a clear and intuitive interface.

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Collapsible Form Sections

Group fields in collapsible sections to make forms more usable and readable.

Choice Lists

Manage both built-in and made-to-order choice tables with our point and click interface.

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Relationship Diagrams

Create tree diagrams to visualize linked records relationships and dependencies between assets, tasks, contracts, personnel, and more.

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Table Relationships

Structure relationships between tables to accurately model your entire business.

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Working with Records

Power User Dashboards

Increase user efficiency with individualized dashboards that include records, searches, charts, reports, and more.

Easy Access Left Pane

Make daily tasks and common workflows easy by grouping tables together in the left pane and adding shortcuts to common saved searches.

Define specialized left pane configurations for the needs of different users. Users can also personalize their own left pane for their needs.

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Data Views

Personalize views to show essential information without clutter.

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Change the view with one click.

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Highlight critical records with icon notifications and row coloring.

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Edit Multiple Records

Use the mass edit feature to efficiently update an unlimited number of records at once.

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Quick Edit

Work faster by editing and saving fields directly from a table view with Quick Edit.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate records and complete tasks more quickly with keyboard shortcuts. Staff can also personalize keyboard shortcuts for their own preferences.

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One Click to Save and Open the Next Record

Use the Save and Next button to move smoothly from one ticket to the next or Save and New to open a new ticket.

Save and Continue with a Single Click

Click Save and Continue to quickly save your changes without closing the form, or use the Alt+C keyboard shortcut.

Linking Records

Link related records to manage them as a group.

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Standard Solutions   

Streamline your customer support process by converting answers to frequently asked questions into standard solutions.

Technicians can save time by copying solutions directly into customer tickets.

File Management

Attached Files

Attach files to a record from your local drive or from external sources like Google Docs. You can drag files directly into a record, use the uploader, or even email files directly to the system.

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Attached Document Version Control

Preserve multiple versions of documents, including the date and time of the version upload and the user who added it.

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Direct File Edit

Collaborate effectively by opening, editing, and saving files directly from your Agiloft knowledgebase. Know that your team is working with the latest file with automatic versioning and check-out controls.

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Powerful Searching   

Full Text Search

Instantly find information in the database or even inside attached files with our full text search engine. You can even parse information from image and PDF files using OCR.

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Complex Database Searches

Define advanced searches and complex logic in minutes using just a browser.

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Search Result Sorting

Sort search results using any combination of available fields. Rearrange record order by clicking on column headings in the search view.

Saved Searches

Name your saved searches for reuse and efficiency.

Access saved searches from the drop-down whenever you need them.

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Add saved searches to the left pane for easy access.

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Run-time searches for reporting

Limit the number of reports you maintain by using run-time search filters. For example, you can report on all active contracts and limit the results to a specific company.

ConvoAI natural language search

Quickly find what you’re looking for by searching documents and attached files using natural language, rather than worrying about the right keywords and filters.

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Charts and Reports   


Arrange and re-arrange charts from multiple tables on your dashboard with our drag and drop interface.

Create dashboard widgets for any information you want to show on the dashboard, including charts, tables, links, s, and numeric results.

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Use responsive charts to filter data in real time and automatically resize to fit the window.

Drill down into charts to break down the data further, and configure multiple drill-down layers to make charts more flexible.

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Define and display key metrics to your exact specifications based on tables, fields, and more. Use color-coding to make data pop based on defined value ranges.

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Graphical Charts

Analyze the data most relevant to you with our robust charts and reports functionality. Review your company's profitability, productivity, and efficiency at a glance.

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Organize information efficiently by choosing from a variety of chart types.

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Add charts to dashboards to make them easily accessible.

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Click on chart titles to see detailed report data. From the detailed report, you can access individual records that interest you.

Excel Reports

Pull report data into Excel to create customized dashboards and reports with PivotTables, PivotCharts, and other Excel tools.

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Trend Charts and Reports

Trend analysis charts and reports reveal progress and business insights via graphical trajectories, allowing you to see how strategic decisions have impacted your business.

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Saved Reports

Create and save useful reports for periodic review.

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Scheduled Report Distribution

Publish charts and reports on a set schedule. Automatically email reports to keep staff informed. Distributed reports are automatically filtered to each recipient's permissions, so you don't have to worry when sharing reports with large groups.

Email, Chat, SMS

Email Integration   

Receive inbound email from internal and external accounts, protected with full SSL security, to generate and update records with text, attachments, and more.

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Retain a full audit trail of all inbound and outbound email communications, including any files attached to inbound emails.

Respond to email submissions with automatic confirmation messages, and automatically include email signatures on outgoing messages.

Outgoing Email Integration

Simplify cumbersome email tasks by drafting message templates with variables. In the example to the right, the user's name is represented by "$end_user_name".

Email Alerts and Escalation

Managers can stay on top of critical cases with automatic notifications and escalation rules tailored to your business protocols.

Alert your staff automatically when records are assigned or tasks are overdue.

Email Hyperlinks   

Include hyperlinks in emails that allow the recipient to easily open and view or update records.

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Configure links to perform actions in a record, such as setting the status of an Approval field to Yes, and then directing the user to a URL.

Chat Integration

Use the Agiloft chat feature to connect with customers and offer instant, cost-effective support.

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Broadcast Messaging

Send broadcast messages to specific users or teams in real time.

SMS integration

Send SMS alerts and messages directly from the system.


Activity Logs and Reports

Track, record, and review user activity with graphical charts, HTML reports, and Excel spreadsheets.

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Audit Trail and History

Use Agiloft's history engine to create a fine-grained audit trail and a complete history of record changes for automatic compliance with regulatory requirements.


Graphical Workflow  

Control and process your data with agile workflows that let you model and manage your business.

Reduce administrative load and increase information flow transparency with automated email notifications, data updates, and flexible reassignment.

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Business Rules Engine

Design and deploy rules to automate background processes and send progress notifications.

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Business Rules Wizard

Quickly define business rules with Agiloft's wizard-driven interface.

Trigger rules with real-time events, periodic intervals, or any combination of conditions.

Business rules are integrated with the user interface, API, and email for dynamic, multi-system power and flexibility.

Running a global business? Our rules are sensitive to location and time zone.

Alerts and Escalation

Eliminate human error by using business rules to run critical automation, including periodic data updates and notifications. Rules can interact with and update external database systems, preventing data from slipping through the cracks.

Configure alerts and escalations to let your staff know when SLA terms have or have not been met.

Review response time performance at a glance with charts, or drill down into the data with reports and History.

Round Robin Assignment

Distribute work fairly with automatic round robin assignment.

AI Platform

Rapidly surface and organize data locked in your contracts with our AI-powered data extraction and analysis features.

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Legacy Import

Create enriched contract records and easily bring together all your contract data in your CLM.

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Third-Party Contract Review

Mitigate risk and speed up workflows when frequently reviewing contracts on third-party templates.

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AI Trainer

Take AI model customization into your own hands, a feature not commonly seen on the market today.

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Multi-language Support

Take advantage of our multiple-language support to communicate worldwide. Translate system messages, field labels, and instructions to communicate with customers around the globe.

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Precise Access Control

Group Security Permissions

Define access to records, fields, and menu items like mass edit, import, and export.

You can create as many groups as you like or use our default groups, which include admin, power, and end user groups.

Need to comply with rigorous privacy standards like HIPAA? Leverage our strict permission structures and deploy data encryption for maximum privacy protection.

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Single Sign-On

Simplify and secure the login process with tools like LDAP, OAuth, and SAML 2.0.

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Self Registration

Let users self-register to lighten the load of your IT staff.

Or, maintain control of user registration by disabling this feature.

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Password Configuration

Configure password requirements to precisely match your information security standards.

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Record Level Permissions

Fine tune group permissions all the way down to specific record data. Sophisticated SQL-based permissions mean users only see the records they should.

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Field Level Permissions

For truly precise control, limit access to individual fields within records. For example, you can let group members view fields in all records, but only edit fields in records they own.

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Custom Look & Feel

Configurable Look and Feel

Change interface colors, fonts, and s in the Look and Feel wizard, without writing a line of code.

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Configurable Fonts

Choose fonts and colors to match your company website.

Configurable Graphics

Add any to our graphics library to change icons, logos, and more.

Configurable Interfaces

Web Interface for End Users

Allow end users to submit requests, view FAQs, and upload or download files from a branded portal.

Use our dynamic GUI to adjust logins and greet your most important customers with their own company logo and branding.

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Web Interface for Administrators

Manage essential business processes in our web interface for admins.

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Power User Web Interface

Maximize power user productivity with an interface that makes it easy to identify assigned records and respond to issues.

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Mobile Interface

Solve problems on the go with Agiloft's mobile interface. All Android and Apple devices are supported, and the interface is ADA compliant. End user interfaces are also dynamically resized for mobile use.

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Prebuilt Integrations

Systems Integration

Take advantage of our pre-built integrations for standard systems like Salesforce, e-signature, and LDAP.

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Use custom scripts to integrate your existing systems with Agiloft, or allow our Professional Services team to do it for you.

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LDAP/MS Active Directory Integration

Eliminate the overhead of maintaining user accounts on multiple servers with LDAP or Active Directory and configurable attribute mapping.

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OAuth 2 and SAML 2

Provide the convenience and security of single sign-on to your users with OAuth or SAML.

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Import and Export Data

Import and export data files in ASCII, XML, Excel or other public or proprietary formats, at regular or discrete intervals.

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Salesforce Integration

Empower your sales team and close deals quickly with Agiloft’s new Salesforce Managed Package. Generate standard contracts with a single click. Create, negotiate, get approvals, and send contracts out for e-signatures right from Salesforce. Quickly access the most up-to-date, pre-approved standard clause language. Integrate Agiloft with Salesforce in fifteen minutes to synchronize contacts, companies, opportunities, and other record types with configurable event-driven or time-based triggers.

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Jira Integration

Pass issues back and forth between Agiloft and Jira, so support personnel and engineers can work on the same bug or issue in either Agiloft or Jira and it will sync with both systems.

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Adobe Sign Integration

Pre-built Adobe Sign integration, coupled with simple per-envelope pricing, provides a seamless e-signature experience.

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DocuSign Integration

DocuSign provides an alternate legally enforceable e-signature capability, used by millions.

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Tableau Integration

Our new Tableau Connector helps you visualize contract data to make better decisions. Create advanced contract data visualizations using Agiloft data with a simple, out-of-the-box data sync.

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Power BI Integration

Seamlessly flow contract data between your Agiloft platform and Power BI for deep visibility into your contracts. Use our pre-built Power BI dashboard as a starting point or build your own custom dashboards to have powerful analytics and insights at your fingertips.

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Bomgar Integration

Launch remote support directly from your Agiloft knowledgebase and capture all relevant details in a customizable HTML report.

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Boomi Integration

Easily connect Agiloft with large application ecosystems including ERP, CRM, and other enterprise apps using Boomi's integration platform.

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SCCM Integration

Integrate with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to monitor and manage the assets in an ITIL-based system.

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Alexa Integration

Integrate with Alexa for Business skills to allow users to ask their Alexa devices for updates on content in Agiloft. Custom skills can be designed for most basic operations, such as creating, updating, and deleting records, searching and reading data from existing records, counting records, and running actions.

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Outlook and iCalendar Integration

Easily coordinate your Agiloft calendar with other applications from Google, Microsoft, Apple, and more.

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Gmail Integration

Push emails from Gmail into your contract records, insert attachments direct from Agiloft into your emails, and track communication history with this integrated communication tool.

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Google Translate Integration

Offer multi-lingual support with less time and cost by using Google Translate machine translation to localize the text in Agiloft. You can use Google Translate to perform an initial translation to a new language, and even perform live translation when new text is added.

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Google Maps and Google Docs Integration

Automatically generate maps and directions using Google Maps, and attach Google Docs directly to records.

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Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Integrate your Agiloft knowledge base with our new Microsoft Dynamics connector to send real-time, event-driven updates between systems. Synchronize contacts, contracts, attached files, companies, opportunities, and other record types to connect your most valuable data between departments and teams.

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Installation and Upgrades

Installation Time

Download Agiloft directly from our website for an on-premise installation.

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Upgrade and automatically create a full backup of the knowledgebase with just a few clicks.

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Contract Management (Included with CLM Edition)

The CLM Edition includes several tools specifically tailored to contract creation and management.

Microsoft Teams

Agiloft’s new integration with Microsoft Teams keeps you up to date and accelerates the contract signature process in a powerhouse tool for collaboration and communication.  Approve contracts with one click. Receive critical updates and notifications directly from Microsoft Teams to reduce your approval cycle time. 

Agiloft Contract Assistant

Deploy Agiloft’s newly designed Contract Assistant for Word to create automated document templates, build a clause library, and provide guidance to improve negotiations ─ with all data organized, tagged, and synchronized to the Agiloft system. With Agiloft functionality directly in MS Word, create contracts, review, redline, and use AI-based analysis, clause extraction, and risk scoring, saving all changes within Agiloft.

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Empower your sales team and close deals quickly with Agiloft’s new Salesforce Managed Package or Microsoft Dynamics 365 connector. Generate standard contracts with a single click. Create, negotiate, get approvals, and send contracts out for e-signatures right from your Salesforce or Dynamics 365 program. Quickly access the most up-to-date, pre-approved standard clause language.

Contracts AI

Agiloft offers native AI Capabilities that are ready out-of-the-box to analyze contract documents and extract 100+ different fields and data points from NDAs, MSAs, and other popular contract types. The Contracts AI also automatically identifies contract types and evaluates contract risks by analyzing contract language in context of the organization’s standard clauses and approved language.

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Automatically convert files from .jpg, .png, .pdf and more into fully searchable documents while retaining the original.

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Print Templates for Word and PDF

Word and PDF templates allow users to arrange record data into printable, distributable formats that can be attached to records or emailed to stakeholders.

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Convert Documents Between Word and PDF

Convert Microsoft Word files into PDFs and PDFs into Word files directly from your Agiloft knowledgebase.

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Track Document Revisions

Use our redlining feature to compare document versions and create full audit trails of edits.

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Merge Documents into One

Take multiple PDFs or Word files and merge them into a single new PDF.

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Automated Contract Authoring

Create a complete contract with one click. Seamlessly place dates, fields, and formulas into a document without using ActiveX or client-side software.

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Approval Workflows

Automate even the most complex approval routing process. Eliminate approval bottlenecks with automatic notifications and one-click email approvals.

Electronic Signature Integration

When contracts are ready to be signed, integrate with Adobe Sign or DocuSign to collect signatures digitally.

ITIL (Included with ITIL Edition)

Adopt ITIL painlessly with Agiloft's pre-configured ITIL solution. Because Agiloft includes the built-in structures and automation necessary for ITIL best practices, you can go live in a matter of weeks.

Service Catalog

Share a user-friendly service catalog that automatically filters results for the user. You can also create subsidiary catalogs for specific types of services, and show quick links for common requests.

Change Management

Easily manage change requests with automatic approval workflows and native calendar integration. To keep your calendars in sync, send your change calendar direclty to Outlook.

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Event Management

Automatically send event alerts, create incident reports, and link event resolutions with seamless event management.

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Asset Diagrams

Manage your assets with visual diagramming that shows the full scope of related items and their relationships.

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Release Management

Plan, track, and deploy releases into live environments. Link releases to change requests or service requests, and see those requests and their tasks directly in the release record.

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Custom Portals (Included with Professional Extended Edition and Greater)

Professional Extended and greater versions include end-user access to portals that are configured and branded for different groups, such as your customers, vendors, and partners.

Configurable Interface

Build end user portals and custom interfaces and insert Agiloft's macros to display dynamic elements like forms, tables, and status messages.

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Multiple Brandings

Greet customers from different companies with interfaces specially branded to match each company's corporate standards.

Create a new look in just a few minutes.

Interactive FAQs

Give staff or customers answers to common questions with the fully integrated FAQ interface.

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APIs (Included with Enterprise Edition)

Python and Perl Scripting

Pre-built Python and Perl integrations makes it easy to deploy specialized business logic or communicate with external systems when relevant records are created or modified.

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Web Services API

Need advanced server-side scripting or batch processing? Agiloft supports a full web services API.

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Want a simpler way to interact with external systems like user forms, Javascript, or AJAX? Use REST for the essential CRUDS operations: Create, Read, Update, Delete, Select.

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Use ESA to pass XML messages between Agiloft and other systems according to your needs.

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Web Forms

Host web forms directly on your own website so users can add records and submit forms more easily. Download a customizable HTML file and make adjustments so the form appears exactly the way you want.