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AI solutions that flex to your needs. 

Manually searching for contracts or combing through agreements to find the details you’re looking for can be a time-intensive, frustrating process. Agiloft’s flexible, pragmatic AI solutions are designed to alleviate you of this burden by empowering you with intuitive search, data extraction, and data analysis tools that meet your unique business needs  

AI Platform Benefits

Unlock essential contract data with our AI Platform

Legacy Import

Rapidly ingest historical documents and extract key metadata with our intuitive legacy import tool. Quickly enrich your contract records and centralize your document storage, in turn enabling you to easily search, track, and analyze your contract portfolio.  

Third Party Contract Review

Reduce the time and cost of closing contracts written on third party paper by quickly detecting the presence of key terms and clauses. Have greater confidence that you’re not overlooking risky language by relying solely on manual review of dense contracts. 

AI Trainer

Flex and customize AI models to wrap around your unique contracts and the metadata most essential to you. With our AI model customization workbench, you can design AI models that detect the key terms and clauses most important to your organization, plus adapt your models over time to mirror your evolving business needs.  

Boost your search with ConvoAI.

Separate from our AI Platform, our natural language search tool, ConvoAI, enables users across your organization to quickly locate the documents and details they need. Search within the four corners of your documents using our natural language search tool ConvoAI, powered by Cognizer’s Genius Platform. Quickly locate the documents and details you need by typing your questions and follow-ups, as opposed to worrying about keywords and filters.

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