Software Pricing

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-Brian Pollock, DCG Systems

Whether you’re looking for a Hosted Cloud solution or an In-house deployment, Agiloft has an affordable plan for your organization.

License Types

Assigned Power Users

An Assigned Power User is someone who works in the staff or power interface of the system. Examples include contract managers, helpdesk staff members, approvers, sales and customer support representatives, and project and other managers. An Assigned Power User has the authority to work on and edit other people’s records as well as their own. Assigned Power User licenses are linked to a user.

If the user does not log in for 30 days, the license is automatically freed up. Assigned licenses can also be manually reassigned, such as when an employee leaves the company, and are available for reassignment 24 hours after being freed up.

Portal Users

We also offer a license for users who access the system through customizable portals that provide a simplified interface for particular use cases. Portal users may be external entities such as vendors or suppliers; or for service desk deployments, internal staff who submit tickets. They are able to make simple service requests, and view their requests or other information based on their group permissions.

For example, in the CLM context, a portal might provide your vendors with access to copies of their contracts. Or in the Service Desk context, a portal might be used to allow users to create tickets or update tickets requesting assistance, with edit permissions restricted to records that they created.

Multiple portal user groups are supported with permissions-based access based on the user’s group membership.

SaaS Subscription

With our hosted service, there is no software to buy, no server to maintain, and support/upgrades are included. We maintain a fully redundant infrastructure, so that you can focus on your organization’s goals.

On-Premise Subscription

Choose the server OS, database and upgrade schedule that suits your organization and integrate with backend systems behind the firewall.

On-premise or SaaS subscription? Either way, we guarantee your success.

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Support Packages

SaaS hosted service and on-premise subscription include standard support at no additional cost. Premium Support may also be purchased. View our Support Plans for more details.

Implementation Services

We recommend use of our experienced implementation team to ensure a well-designed implementation. We offer complete implementation packages on both an hourly and a fixed price basis. View information about our consulting services here.

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