Amazing, it has the flexibility
to do anything you want!

– Cheryl Doenges, Moss Adams

New Installs and Upgrades to Release 21

Install Release 21

Download and run the Release_21 installer to install the newest version of Release 21. You can use this installer if you are:

  • Installing Agiloft for the first time
  • Upgrading from an older version of Release 21
  • Upgrading from Release 2019_02

Upgrades to Release 2019_02

Upgrade Rel 19-02

Use this installer if you are currently using Release 2019_02 and want to upgrade to the newest version of 2019_02 without upgrading to Release 21. For example, the newest version might include a bug fix you need.

Upgrades from Older Releases

Upgrade from older releases

If you are running a release older than Release 2019_01, upgrade to 2019_01 first before proceeding to a newer version. First, download and run the RC_2019_01 installer. When the upgrade is complete, follow the instructions above to install Release 21.

If your server doesn't have Internet access then you need to download and run two files: File1 (RC_2019_01 version) and File2 (WE-Release_2019_02 version). Save both files in the same folder on a local disc, then start the upgrade from File 1.

If the server does have internet access, the Release_2019_02 version will be installed afterwards automatically.