Amazing, it has the flexibility
to do anything you want!

– Cheryl Doenges, Moss Adams

New Installs and Upgrades to Release 2019_02


To install Agiloft or upgrade from Release 2019_01 or newer, please download and run Release_2019_02 installer version from page.

Upgrade from old releases


If you are running a release older than Release_2019_01, you need to start by upgrading Agiloft to Release 2019_01: Please download and run RC_2019_01 installer version from page.

If your server doesn't have Internet access then you need to download and run two files: File1 (RC_2019_01 version) and File2 (WE-Release_2019_02 version). Save both files in the same folder on a local disc, then start the upgrade from File 1.

If the server does have internet access, the Release_2019_02 version will be installed afterwards automatically.