It’s common knowledge that you don’t need an IT programmer to download an application on your work PC. While this makes deploying a new system easy for users, it complicates matters for corporate IT security. Recent studies in the US have estimated business-critical app invisibility at 22.5% and cloud data invisibility at 35%. App invisibility is defined here as business-critical software in the cloud that isn’t visible to IT, thereby unmanaged.

Here at Agiloft, we can appreciate how these statistics came about. As the average employee becomes more tech-savvy, they aren’t waiting around for someone to streamline their work—they just do it themselves. No need to trouble the busy IT group, they think. Unfortunately, these efforts can undermine the security of an organization and leave them vulnerable to unforeseen risks such as licensing violations and malicious software. So what’s the alternative? Stricter IT policies? Constant monitoring? Stifling an employee’s resourcefulness?

How about one unifying no-code, intuitive solution that users can extend to any aspect of business operations—one that has proven itself even in the most demanding security environments? That’s exactly the approach taken by CSF International (CSFi), a global provider of electronic payment authorization and transaction switching software.

As a financial organization with access to highly sensitive data, security remains a top priority for CSFi. However, so does ROI and business efficiency.

Like most organizations, CSFi was using multiple methods and systems to manage their operations. Sales people tracked their leads in Excel; business support and operational data were held in libraries of Word documents; licensing information was stored in a MS Access database; they used MS SharePoint for project tracking and customer conversions; and they were using RightNow to handle incoming support calls.

“Information seemed to be scattered everywhere,” IT Operations Manager Philip LeMaster said. “It wasn’t cohesive and it wasn’t being kept up-to-date. The sales, marketing, support, and development departments each had their own particular access to customer, contact, licensing, and support ticket info, but without a coordinated system, data was often duplicated and out of sync.”

After an extensive search, CSFi selected Agiloft as their one-stop solution for the organization. Agiloft was able to incorporate all of the data sources into a single knowledgebase, with access to the information managed by strict permissions so users only see the data they are permitted to see. For each application, the default Agiloft framework was customized to fit the specific business need, without writing a single line of code. As a result, CSFi’s IT team can trust that their systems and data remain secure while still empowering employees to fine-tune the Agiloft platform to streamline their daily tasks.

Since the initial deployment of Agiloft, CSFi has expanded the system to document and contracts management, customer support, project management, change management, CRM with sales automation and account management. Read CSFi’s full story here.

Could a single solution extend to all parts of your business and strengthen your company’s processes and security? Agiloft’s configurable, no-code platform can automate any process and ensure data security.