This week’s installment of the Agiloft Webinar Series discussed the “Five-Star Recipe for CLM Implementation Success” with Michael Callier of Factor Law and Danielle Haugland of Agiloft. This food-infused webinar distilled down the most essential ingredients for implementing contract management software for legal teams and beyond. In this brief webinar (watch below), Danielle discusses the importance of pre-work, including getting the right team together, which is a major part of the ‘secret sauce’ when deploying contract management software.

First off, what is the CLM process?

contract lifecycle management process

Before diving into the recipe, Michael Callier, VP, Head of Solutions and Consulting at Factor Law, set the stage with a fantastic primer on the CLM process from Request to Execution all the way to Renewals and Close. The below slide is a great overview of the lifecycle of a contract, and Michael also explained that depending on your CLM journey, you may have yet to implement some of these steps in the process—and that’s okay!

Every organization is at a different level of CLM maturity, and the process takes a lot of work and collaboration with many stakeholders to grow from the early stages without a CLM to advanced AI extraction and contract analysis. But regardless of the level of your CLM process maturity, the below is our fool-proof recipe for CLM implementation success.


The key ingredients for CLM

the five-star recipe for CLM implementation success


Watch the webinar replay below to get the complete recipe from Danielle and Michael:

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