“While the delivery of public services now involves greater diversity in terms of actors and underlying structures, the fundamental need for accountability has grown. These changes result in new challenges in 21st century governance, but new opportunities have also emerged.”
— Excerpt from The Public Administration (PA) Times.1

More players and less predictability, but more accountability. This is the scenario facing the public sector.

Antiquated systems hinder, rather than encourage, advancement.

So, where are these elusive opportunities that lay buried amid increasing demands and expectations? A century-old public university, a fast growing county, and a national non-profit have found one resource that is changing the way they define efficiencies and deliver on accountability in contract management.

“If not for the flexibility of the system, the continual maintenance would have required a ton of code. It proves the resiliency and power of the system that we were able to do that. Every outlandish request by my users has been accommodated by Agiloft.”

— Harvey Minot, Senior Application Developer for Safe Horizon.

“Our Chief Administrative Officer stopped by the other day to comment on how well Agiloft is working for us and how, especially given the low cost, it has benefited us as a department. In the public sector, we are always aware of our budget and doing all we can to reduce expenses. In this case, the small amount of money that we pay does a lot to make us a more efficient and effective department. It speaks volumes for the Agiloft product.” Excerpt from King County Reduces Costs 4X with Agiloft Contract Management, quote from Jeff Brown, King County Contract Specialist.

“We are really happy with Agiloft. It’s logical, easy to use, and very flexible. I would give it ten stars.”

— Sheila McGarey, Senior Administrative Associate for Suffolk University.

A top-quality contract management solution drives efficiency by automating your organization’s unique processes but, often times these ‘top-quality’ solutions are designed for enterprises. Agiloft’s customization and forward-thinking architecture brings dynamic and easy to use solutions to public sector scenarios. Contract management within the public sector encompasses far more than just incoming and outgoing agreements, it includes tracking and accountability for the funds that the public has entrusted to the organization — it goes to the core of the institution’s purpose.

Agiloft Contract Management is designed to be “no-code,” meaning anyone can use its browser-based configuration process to customize contract management. With Agiloft’s interface, you can now control your processes to address the most challenging workflows and resource limitations.

More players, less predictability, more accountability—it’s time to learn about the solution that’s making it look easy for the public sector.

Let us show you how. In a few hours, we can set up a custom proof of concept featuring your toughest business process. Give us a call to schedule a time. Visit Agiloft.com.