In the ever changing world of technology, knowing the best solutions for your customers allows your business to thrive. By working with a world-class software company with a strong customer success record, you can create fruitful and sustainable partnerships and offer your customers award winning technology.

Why partner with us?

Certified resellers earn 35-45% revenue margins, some of the highest in the industry, with ongoing revenue for the life of the contract, plus 100% of professional services revenue.

Other great benefits include:

  • Working with a growing company, since customer demand for Agiloft’s unique technology is driving 50% year-over-year growth.
  • A full suite of applications, including a contact management, help desk, and the ability to white label and create your own.
  • Endless scalability, from start-ups and SMBs to Fortune 100 corporations and government institutions.

Agiloft’s newest Platinum Partner, Texas-based Spectrum Mobility, has doubled their revenue and staff since they began working with us in 2015. “This partnership has been extremely rewarding for us. We have a recurring revenue stream from sales we make, plus income from implementation projects,” said CEO Aytan Leibowitz.

Leibowitz enjoys how easy it is to learn and customize the software without writing any code. For a company that serves multiple verticals, customization is a critical component to success.

Leibowitz also mentioned the ease of partner certification and support he gained from Agiloft staff, “The partner certification process was streamlined, and each step was simple to accomplish, with Agiloft’s support throughout… They always provide everything we need, making us an integral part of their business. It’s the ideal partnership,”

Much of Spectrum Mobility’s business is now dedicated to reselling and implementing Agiloft solutions for their customers. They look forward to continuing the partnership with Agiloft and have plans to build a white-label application for the oil, gas, and legal industries. “We see a long, bright future with Agiloft,” Leibowitz concluded.

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