This week we bring you two excellent podcasts with Agiloft CPO Andy Wishart, covering everything from artificial intelligence in CLM to the importance of UI/UX and even the popularity of karaoke in legal tech.

Why do UI/UX matter in legal tech adoption?

The first is a great conversation with Andy Wishart and Nicole Bradick, CEO and founder of legal tech design firm Theory and Principle. Hosted by Bob Ambrogi, Andy and Nicole talked about the importance of customer experience in contract lifecycle management software on Bob’s popular LawSites Blog podcast. The two discuss in depth about how Theory and Principle and Agiloft worked together to redesign Agiloft’s UI/UX, rolled out during the Agiloft 2021 Spring Release.

Listen to the podcast here.


The power of contract automation + karaoke?

Andy also appeared on Thomson Reuters’ legal podcast “The Hearing” with Joe Raczynski, talking about the power of contract automation and artificial intelligence in the legal space. Their freewheeling conversation covers Andy’s 20-year journey through legal tech and contract management software, the benefits of AI for contracts, and Scottish music with some unexpected singing.

Listen to The Hearing podcast on Apple Podcasts here or Spotify here.


Read more about Andy Wishart on the blog here.


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