After undergoing an acquisition last May, TaylorMade needed to select, customize, and implement a new contract management system. Rebecca Smith, TaylorMade Paralegal shares, “We needed something streamlined, powerful, and flexible. Also, it’s a global system so it had to already be translated into Japanese or Korean.” They were especially drawn to Agiloft’s comprehensive custom solution, but there’s a big catch: they need the system completed in under five weeks — a process that traditionally requires a minimum of ten.

Working within one of the most aggressive timelines in the Agiloft’s history, Project Manager Chris Pankaew and his team took on the challenge of advanced customization of contract tables, multi-layer notification schedules based on shifting dates and, sophisticated data silos linked to 90 different sub-departments within the company.

The solution was delivered on time by operating at a hyper-accelerated pace, without losing sight of the quality and integrity of the finished product. Rossen Petkov, TaylorMade’s Senior Manager of Global IT, declares, “The project was on point, on track and on budget, with no compromises.”

It seems like the two companies are kindred spirits. When TaylorMade first began manufacturing golf equipment in 1979, they had three employees and an industry-transforming idea: a stainless-steel driver that would perform differently from the wood clubs that came before. The new design could compensate for shortcomings in the swing and make it easier to launch the ball in the air. Similarly, Agiloft is changing the way we flex our solutions to meet the precise needs of our clients and making it possible to launch faster.

This recent successful collaboration is a demonstration of the strength in their short game and dynamic balance. Read more in our TaylorMade case study: