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How to automate contracts for multiple parties

This week, Agiloft implementer Geoff Wilson hosted an in-depth training session on configuring Agiloft’s no-code CLM platform to handle multiple contract parties. While adding two or three counterparties is possible without much configuration, adding several additional parties creates an exponential web of complexity that most contract management systems cannot


New Agiloft training now available!

If you are new to Agiloft or looking to further expand your Agiloft skill set, you'll be delighted to know that we have recently revamped our free online training. Incorporating customer feedback and new Agiloft functionality, our documentation team has created two user-friendly and interactive training units to educate both


A new hire's perspective to working at Agiloft

Since I joined the Agiloft team two months ago, I’ve quickly learned that being part of one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley is a unique and rewarding experience. Efficiency stems from effective training, organized onboarding, and inventive coworkers. With applications for contract management, service desk, and