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Top three lessons learned from implementing CLM software for procurement

In this week’s webinar, we talked with Matt Latham, purchasing manager at Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company about how he transformed his organization with automated contract lifecycle management (CLM) software. Matt was able to implement CLM to bring visibility and cohesion to the company’s procurement process. Using automated CLM


Three Tips for a Successful CLM Implementation

In this week’s installment of the Agiloft Webinar Series, corporate law consultant Ellen Nendorf, JD, interviewed Agiloft Customer, Sharon Ginger a Senior paralegal at Mirati Therapeutics, for her advice and best practices on how to achieve a successful contract lifecycle management implementation. As a veteran of two Agiloft implementations,


Three ways to create happy employees…and happy customers

There are many ways businesses can boost their bottom line, but unfortunately many are detrimental to both the physical and mental health of employees. Eighty-hour workweeks, ridiculous ‘campus’ amenities, and 'growth-at-all-cost' cultures are not only unsustainable, they are dangerous to a company’s greatest assets. In the era of corporate