We are thrilled to announce Tim Cummins, President of IACCM, as a keynote speaker for Agiloft Summit 2019. As the founder and president of the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM), Tim’s experience in contract and relationship management runs deep and wide across many industries. He is recognized internationally for his leadership in these fields and often speaks to top corporations, governments, and academic bodies. We are beyond excited to have him on the main Summit stage on Wednesday, October 23rd at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Tim Cummins IACCM president

Speaking to our audience of customers, partners, and staff, Tim will address the modern challenges of contracting and relationship management in the digital world. For more on this topic, please watch a webinar we recorded with Tim called “Learning from a $150B Compliance Failure.”

In addition to Tim’s keynote, Pierre Mitchell from Spend Matters will deliver a keynote on Contract and Commerce Lifecycle Management (CCLM) and the product and implementation team will lead an interactive presentation on the Agiloft roadmap.

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More About Tim Cummins

Tim Cummins founded IACCM in 1999 and the New York-based nonprofit has grown to 60,000 members across 176 countries with more than 18,000 associated corporations. In addition to IACCM, he also acts as an expert contract management technology advocate and conducts major research studies related to supply management, legal, and sales contracting.

In recognition of his work, Tim was recently appointed as a professor and chair in International Commercial & Contract Management at the University of Leeds, UK, School of Law, working extensively to educate practitioners and with worldwide academics and governments to research and improve procurement and contracting practices. He writes and speaks extensively on contract and commerce lifecycle management, regularly contributing to his blog, Commitment Matters. Read the blog here.