In a world of century-old nonprofits, pop-up start-ups and decentralized multi-million-dollar companies, it’s impossible to find a one-size-fits-all contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution. Spend Matters is an analyzer, tracker and ranker of system providers in the procurement and supply chain space. It bases its evaluations on the shifting variables of business needs. In 2018, it considered the top CLM solutions within a framework of four buying personas: Deep, Configurator, Turnkey and CIO-Friendly.

Spend Matters Contract Management Roundup

It’s time to open the envelopes and see how Agiloft stacked up against the competition in the 2018 rankings!

  • Deep: These are organizations that seek the most comprehensive and customizable solution with sophisticated functionality and cutting-edge technology.
  • Configurator: These are the organizations with shifting needs; configurability and flexibility are paramount. For these users, their complex supply chains require unique and multifaceted workflows that bend to the demands of the business.
    • Out of the nine CLM providers, Spend Matters graded Agiloft first for Configurators, with value and experience leadership for those with configurability as their top priority.

“Agiloft offered us an extremely capable [CLM] system — deep, modular and multi-layered. Additionally, if I had a question I would send it off and the Agiloft response turnaround was impressive. The professionalism and efficiency made Agiloft an easy choice.”

— Beatrice Steinfatt, Sr. Contracts Administrator, Aviation Technical Services

  • Turnkey: This persona covers companies who are short on technical resources and for whom support and ease-of-use are the main concerns. For these users, ROI should be proven almost immediately and the system capabilities should require little to no customization, while still capturing all the business needs.
    • It seems unlikely that the same solution that best satisfies Deep technology users and advanced Configurators also best suits those looking for turnkey. And yet, this was Spend Matters findings, ranking Agiloft first for Turnkey among competitors.
  • CIO-friendly: IT drives decision-making at these organizations; the CEO and CIO likely share a seat at the head of the table. When looking for a new CLM, they may want to simply provide a fresh face on the existing system so that they can continue to manage everything with IT resources already trained and in place.
    • Once again, Spend Matters acknowledged Agiloft’s dominance in the context of value added. After all, what better way to make a CIO look good than by adding strong ROI? For customer experience, Agiloft shared the crown with SAP Ariba.

While Spend Matters’ adoption of the persona system for ranking solutions is extremely helpful for selecting the right vendor, we at Agiloft have never found two customers alike. The most challenging but also the most rewarding part of our business is delivering the same exceptional experience and value each and every time, no matter how unique or specialized the requirement.

Spend Matters Contract Management Roundup