When the 1.9 million residents in King County, Washington pay their local taxes, no one wants their money funding an antiquated, inflexible, and poorly serviced contract management system.

The team at King County knows this and takes the trust of their constituency seriously, so when their current system stopped meeting their needs, they started looking for a solution that could address their unique requirements while significantly reducing cost. An imperative in their selection process was a system that incorporated the multi-dimensional flow of government, creating dynamic associations between incoming grants and their related outgoing funds. They needed to significantly improve their existing system at a fraction of the cost.

After an extensive search, Contract Specialist at Public Health-Seattle & King County Jeff Brown and his team selected Agiloft. Jeff explains: “My biggest beef is that most all contract management systems are intended for corporations and geared toward their needs. The out-of-the-box fields are designed for a profit-generating business. It becomes difficult to use even the best software systems. Agiloft is so customizable, it’s the best compromises I’ve ever seen with the versatility for public sector and private. Our Chief Administrative Officer stopped by the other day to comment on how well Agiloft is working for us and how, especially given the low cost, it has benefited us as a department. In the public sector, we are always aware of our budget and doing all we can to reduce expenses. In this case, the small amount of money that we pay does a lot to make us a more efficient and effective department—it speaks volumes for the Agiloft product.”

To learn more about how Jeff and his team reduced spending by 4X annually with Agiloft Contract Management, read the case study: https://www.agiloft.com/king-county-case-study.pdf