With startups popping up everywhere and steady industry growth, there are more open tech jobs today than ever before. Whether looking for your first tech job or hoping to make a change from your current employer, you are likely to scroll through hundreds of job postings. How do you know what to look for in a tech job? Sure, there are the obvious requirements: competitive salary, benefits, vacation days, etc. But what really sets the great companies apart from the companies you’ll want to jump ship from after six months? To help aid your search, we compiled this list of six things to look for in a tech job:

1. Employee-centric culture

You want to find a company with an employee-centric culture baked into their mission and values, not bolted on once they started hiring employees. You can tell the difference by the company’s approach to employee wellness. If the company is focused on long-term sustainability, it will offer perks that encourage personal and professional growth like an education stipend, career development, remote positions, as well as encourage a 40-hour work week to increase employee productivity and mental health.

If a company encourages a culture of workaholism or ‘hustle-porn’ by setting impossible growth milestones and providing amenities like nap pods or game rooms, they are just trying to encourage employees to stay in the office longer. Squeezing every ounce of work out of employees has been proven ineffective for startups, and it is downright detrimental to employees. You are much better off seeking out companies that encourage a work-life balance because, no matter how much you enjoy hard work, everyone needs time for family, friends, and life.

2. Steady, debt-free growth

It’s also important to look for debt-free companies with steady growth. It may be obvious why you want to join a growing business, but why debt free? Because startups that are funded by venture capitalists or ambitious investors are tied to three-to-nine-month growth milestones that force employees to work long hours to reach impossible targets. In addition, VC-funded startups may be built upon industry trends that are not sustainable in the long run. It’s best to find a company with steady, persistent growth that is not beholden to overzealous investors.

3. Customer success

Steady growth is important, but a true test of a company’s success is measuring its customers’ success. Businesses with a good product or service let their customers speak for them in quotes, recommendations, and case studies. And while most companies list customer success in their mission statement, how many have structured the company to fully achieve this goal? Agiloft has a 99.6-percent success rate for implementations and is able to offer the CLM industry’s only unconditional success guarantee on its software.

4. Celebrated technology

If you are looking for a great tech job, it’s best to pick a company with great technology. Growth and customer success are a good way to gauge the company’s tech offering, but the best to see how a company stacks up against the rest of the industry is through third-party analysts, reports, and awards. If a company has not received any high marks by outside sources, it may be because the product or service offered is not very good and any job offered by the company may have an uncertain future.

5. Innovative roadmap

In the same vein, you want to be sure the company has its eyes set on the future with an innovative technology roadmap. Most companies are touting their focus on AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, but many are just playing into the hype. It’s best to find a company that has a plan to incorporate innovative technology into their core offering and is actively devoting engineering talent toward creating these applications and integrations.

6. Great employee reviews

Lastly, its best to check what employees are saying on Glassdoor about the company, its CEO, and general work culture. Glassdoor is a great way to get an insider’s perspective and you can even see images of the office environment and surrounding neighborhood.

Head to Agiloft’s Glassdoor page here to see why one employee called Agiloft a “smart & dynamic company” that is growing fast.


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