With the holidays now upon us, we look back at a year that most of us are happy to see in the rearview mirror. As you catch up on year-end tasks and prepare for January, now is a great time to take some time to expand your admin skills with our Agiloft Training Series. The last few months have seen some excellent training sessions that could help you meet next year’s challenges with more skills and knowledge of the Agiloft platform. See our training session replays below to help expand your skillset.

Creating Custom ID or Counter Fields

In this training, Agiloft Implementer Rose Booble discussed customizing and organizing your data and fields in Agiloft, covering compound fields, the purpose and use of table IDs, counters, and string vs. Integer sorting. This is a great webinar for admins that want to learn how to carry over existing numbering practices from previous systems and learn how to view multiple properties of a record from a single field, improving data integrity and operational compliance.

Entity Sets and Sync

In this popular training session, Agiloft Implementer Lee Tottle covered how to effectively sync functionality between Agiloft knowledgebases (KBs). This functionality can help you integrate development and QA environments into your solution, reduce risk and allow effective scheduled updates to live services, and also develop and deploy pre-fabricated modules of functionality into new KBs to get a head start on your solution.

Care for Your Database

This session, hosted by Senior Agiloft Implementer Craig Gordon, covered data security and auditability in Agiloft. This is a great training for admins that want to learn database management best practices, including history management, record maintenance, deleting and archiving, user management, and more, to improve security while also ensuring the longevity of your Agiloft system.

Work Wonders with Rules

In this session, Rose Booble gave an excellent presentation on the power of Agiloft’s business rules engine and how to create custom automation in your system. This is the perfect session for admins that want to dive deeper into the capabilities of our business rules engine and learn how to use rules to achieve automation, advanced actions, and greater efficiency with Agiloft.

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