Our aim is to provide flexible solutions that help clients scale and adapt quickly. Often, this results in the success of certain individuals within an organization. The IT manager who championed Agiloft is now recognized for his expertise in strategy; the paralegal who implemented the new solution is viewed as a forward-thinking leader.

Every now and then, we have the opportunity to celebrate an exceptional Agiloft partner: someone who has flourished and made a permanent mark upon the industry, someone with a prophetic business sense, strong technical capabilities, a knack for market trends and a deep passion for the industry. New Zealand’s Heather McEwen, CEO of Agiloft partner Saasam, was recently featured in two articles.

Heather shined as she revealed the secrets behind her thriving IT business, and the role of Agiloft in her success story. In the NZ Entrepreneur article, she shared her strongest business trait: “There is a difference between never ever giving up and changing the course of what you’re doing. I’ve had businesses that have been formed and since disappeared. I wouldn’t deem that a failure. You’re going to change course, reinvent and try something else, but it’s all part of the bigger vision for what you want to achieve with your career.”

The more we learn about this extraordinary, pioneering woman, the more we see why she and Agiloft have forged such a unique partnership. Just like Heather, our true success lies in the balance between fortitude and flexibility — reinventing without losing touch with our firm foundation.

Agiloft is proud to be behind the scenes bolstering champions in every organization. While we prefer to fly below the radar, we never get tired of seeing the likes of Heather McEwen receive much-deserved applause. Congratulations, Heather, on an accomplished career and an even more remarkable life!