With hundreds of assets, critical IT projects, and constantly shifting business goals to contend with, CIOs have the toughest job in IT. On top of managing applications, people, and projects, they are responsible for reducing costs and simplifying life for business users. Given how much they’re tasked with, it’s no surprise that their initiatives are often perceived as falling short. As the old joke goes: CIO stands for ‘Career Is Over.’

In this hostile environment, how can CIOs succeed? Fortunately, many of the challenges faced by CIOs can be anticipated and neutralized through a combination of business strategies and appropriate technologies.

Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, January 22 at 11:00 PST titled ‘Five reasons CIOs are fired and how to protect yourself.’ Hosted by Sandi Conrad, Senior Research Director and Infrastructure and Practice Lead at Info-Tech Research Group and Colin Earl, CEO of Agiloft, this 30-minute webinar presentation will discuss how to navigate the modern IT challenge and provide advice on how CIOs can safeguard their careers.

The CIO challenges to be discussed:

  • Security Failure
  • Governance and compliance failure
  • Performance failure
  • Major project failure
  • Disaster recovery failure following a system collapse

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NOTE: if you miss the webinar please click the above link to see a full replay.