We have been talking about the Agiloft AI Core for a few months now and the benefits of integrating no-code AI Capabilities into your Agiloft system. But what exactly is no-code artificial intelligence (AI)? And how does it work? In this post we break down what we mean by no-code AI and how you can configure the Agiloft AI Core without writing a line of code.

Also, if you haven’t seen it, here’s a replay of our latest webinar on the AI Core:

Artificial intelligence in a no-code platform

We define no-code artificial intelligence as using a no-code platform to deploy AI and machine learning models, giving you the ability to quickly classify, extract, and analyze your data. Once you train the prebuilt AI Capability with your contract and clause data and configure it with Agiloft’s no-code admin console, it will accurately perform the AI function (extract all relevant contract metadata from documents, rate the level of contract risk based on your preferences, etc.).

No-code AI: How it works

The Agiloft AI Core is a powerful integration that connects your Agiloft data with major machine learning platforms, including Google’s TensorFlow and Amazon SageMaker. First: connect the machine learning platform with Agiloft and then use the Agiloft AI Core to configure, train, evaluate, and use available machine learning models with contract, customer, sales, or other data. With the AI Capability integrated with Agiloft, you can map the processed data to the appropriate tables, rules, and workflows using Agiloft’s wizard-based admin console. Then you can use the AI Capabilities in actions or workflows, in batch import processing, or as single document processing.

Additionally, if you have developed your own machine learning models, use the AI Core’s open AI integration to deploy them on Amazon SageMaker and connect with your system in the same way Agiloft’s prebuilt AI Capabilities are connected. This allows you to use even the most complex machine learning models with your system data.

Future-proofing AI with an open architecture

AI is the most rapidly changing area of technology today. Models built on proprietary frameworks even a year ago are already obsolete. We built our AI Core to integrate directly with TensorFlow’s industry-leading open standards, allowing organizations to benefit from huge data sets, adaptable architecture, and training best practices. It short: this architecture ensures your Agiloft AI will be operational and adaptable for years to come.

AI is also server processor intensive. Our built-in integration with Amazon SageMaker cost-effectively pushes AI workloads to the AWS Elastic Compute (EC2) neural network to scale GPU resources on an as-needed basis.

The Agiloft AI Core natively integrates TensorFlow and Amazon SageMaker as core Platform services for both Agiloft-built AI Capabilities and third-party or client-built models, AI-enabling virtually any business application built on the Agiloft Platform.

Want to read more about AI in Agiloft? Read more on the blog here or read our AI documentation on the Agiloft Wiki.

For additional information, including custom machine learning integrations, licensing, and our prebuilt AI Capabilities, please contact your sales representative or schedule a custom demo.