Since I joined the Agiloft team two months ago, I’ve quickly learned that being part of one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley is a unique and rewarding experience. Efficiency stems from effective training, organized onboarding, and inventive coworkers. With applications for contract management, service desk, and custom workflow business automation processes, Agiloft’s software matches its agility in the workplace. In addition to this professional efficiency, there are a few other things that have impressed me so far, and I have distilled them down to these top five notable aspects of working at Agiloft.


Located beside the Redwood City Marina, featuring palm trees, and kayaking opportunities.

Agiloft headquarters boating

Agiloft’s headquarters is located right by the bay, next to a marina, and surrounded by water. The drive to work features the beautiful bayside and rows of white boats. It’s relaxing to take a break from work and take a stroll around the pier. The view from every window is unbeatable.


Every department is skilled at using Agiloft software.

Training example

Before beginning work at Agiloft, every employee must complete Agiloft Administrator Training. The thought and effectiveness of training is impressive: the simple progression through concepts reinforces learning through interactive examples, practice, and quizzes to thoroughly understand the software. The versions of training are constantly improving and being made more comprehensive and interactive with the use of animations and additional videos.


Meetings keep staff up-to-date and involved.

Meeting room

They occur on a regular basis: marketing meets weekly, while Zoom implementation meetings occur every morning. The meetings allow staff to note progress and address issues, keeping every team member on the same page. Agiloft managers regularly host online Zoom meetings, conference phone calls, and in-person meetings in the conference. Often they are a combination of all three. Meeting minutes are recorded for missing attendees, and above all, everything is organized. For example, on Thursdays, the Sales team meets during lunchtime and gets everybody on the sales team, including remote staff members, up-to-date and in sync with the other departments at Agiloft.

Work Environment

Agiloft is productive and professional, yet flexible and approachable.

Company outing at resteraunt

While there’s not an overburdening workload, everyone is valuable and hardworking. Between training, the Agiloft wiki, and Agiloft Support, employees are largely self-sufficient, and organization and productivity are optimized. But if you ever have a question, everyone is friendly and just a message away. A conscious effort is taken to distance itself from the Silicon Valley company stereotype, and Agiloft excels. Employee onsite visits, lunch parties, weekly wine and cheese gatherings, and even meditation retreats take off constant pressure and build community.

Hiring Process

An effective hiring process employs the brightest employees.

Agiloft glassdoor screenshot

When hiring in Silicon Valley, it’s a difficult task to find staff that are committed, intelligent, hardworking, and professional. Thus, the hiring process at Agiloft is a thorough process. Some prospective hires find the aptitude tests unusual and challenging. I disagree. Various workplaces use these tests to ensure their staff are quick, creative, and logical thinkers. While it is meant to be challenging, it is not outrageous or impossible. And when you pass, you can be certain that you’re a part of an immensely talented and intelligent team.

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