If you are new to Agiloft or looking to further expand your Agiloft skill set, you’ll be delighted to know that we have recently revamped our free online training. Incorporating customer feedback and new Agiloft functionality, our documentation team has created two user-friendly and interactive training units to educate both new and experienced Agiloft users. Take a quick look at the new training platform and features below:

New user-friendly training platform

Agiloft training intro

Hotspots to define key actions and navigation

Agiloft training hotspots

Close-up on key elements

Agiloft training table close up

Detailed practice sections with checklists

Agiloft training practice checklist

Detailed practice with video tutorials

Agiloft training practice with video

Interactive knowledge checks

Agiloft training knowledge check

This is just a small sample of our new interactive software training for Agiloft users. Agiloft training includes two units titled “Unit 1: Basics” and “Unit 2: Configuration” and covers everything needed to get started as an Agiloft administrator at your organization. See the full training units when you sign up for our free online training here.

If you have more specific questions about your Agiloft system or want to share your knowledge and connect with other Agiloft users, please join the Agiloft Community.