Hi, I am Christian Thun, the new Vice President of Engineering at Agiloft. I can’t believe my first day here was one month ago, and what an exciting month it has been!

Agiloft first came on my radar on recommendation from a friend who thought that this would be a match made in heaven. I couldn’t agree more. Agiloft is an innovative and agile software company with a product roadmap that makes the engineer in me happy, interesting markets waiting to be explored, and a customer base I can relate to from my professional experience.

I have a long history of building tech products for international markets and as an entrepreneur. I love a business challenge and Agiloft CEO Colin Earl certainly has put one in front of me. The company has seen solid growth since its first day and it is now the executive team’s task not only to keep the momentum going, but to accelerate the company on its upward trajectory. Together with my growing team of software developers and QA experts I am here to continuously and efficiently build innovative and increasingly complex technology into Agiloft‘s products. It also means that we spend an increasing amount of our time experimenting and learning how this technology can help our customers build better business processes.

It is amazing to reflect on the speed at which computers have advanced over only a few decades. My first one was self-built from an 8-Bit 2MHz CPU, an enormous 16 Kbyte memory chip and a big reset button. I spent several months’ worth of school holidays typing endless lists of hexadecimal code into an unresponsive membrane keyboard only to be rewarded with a game of “Duck Hunt” or “Snake.” Since then hardware and software have been my hobby and profession and today I always get excited when the next futuristic thing becomes available via an API.

I knew from the hiring process that everyone on the team was eager to hand off a long list of tasks and assignments. And true enough, my first weeks with Agiloft have not only been a huge learning experience but I have quickly started taking over some of the responsibilities of my role and begun thinking about the work ahead of us that will bring the Agiloft roadmap to life next year.

I believe that in addition to skills and experience, a highly disciplined approach to the organization of my daily tasks and long-term planning is key to mission success. At Agiloft we use what we sell, and I increasingly rely on our internal BPM engine to keep track of the fast-growing list of tasks and projects.

Another key to my success is that I always try to balance work with exercise. In summer I spend as much time as possible outdoors riding my bicycle and in winter you can find me swimming laps in the local pool several times a week. Weekends are usually spent with my family that does a great job of keeping me healthy, focused, and happy.

Agiloft VP of Engineering Christian Thun
-Christian Thun

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