Contract management has become a mission-critical business process for the healthcare and biotech industries. According to Colin Earl, CEO of Agiloft, organizations in these sectors manage at least 50 different types of contracts, each with unique workflows.

An increasing number of these enterprises are realizing that manual methods that worked in the past, such as Excel spreadsheets, no longer suffice—especially in an age of tighter regulations.

While out-of-the-box contract management products do not allow sufficient configurability, in-house solutions are too time and cost-intensive to develop and maintain.

Enter Agiloft, whose healthcare and biotech client base has grown by 200% over the past 12 months—thanks to its highly flexible, customizable Contract Management solution. New customers that have recognized the need for the company’s ultra-configurable platform include:

  • Agenus, a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company
  • ZeptoMetrix, manufacturer and provider of quality controls and calibrators for serological and antigen-based assays and nucleic acid testing
  • Ob Hospitalist Group, provider of OB/GYN hospitalist services, with 600 physicians serving 130 hospitals across 30 states.

For all three companies, Agiloft’s solution has streamlined the contract management process, rendering it more transparent.

In the case of Agenus, users can easily access contract status, set alerts to begin the renewal process, and manage signatures electronically.

For OBHG, Agiloft provides easy access to critical data and contracts, allowing the company to think more strategically and reduce unnecessary spending. Read the full OBHG case study for details: