This week we hosted a popular webinar titled “How to Calculate the Value of Automating Your Contract Lifecycle Management” with EY Law Associate Director Laura Maxwell, who discussed lessons learned in implementing a contract management system at one of the world’s largest companies, Ernst & Young. She was joined by IACCM COO/CTO Paul Branch and Agiloft VP of Marketing Hiro Notaney, who chatted with Laura about the value of contract lifecycle management and what effective contract automation means to her department and organization.

In this webinar, the panelists covered:

  • How Laura Maxwell and her team designed and implemented Agiloft CLM, and how they drove user adoption with feedback and quick configuration
  • Lessons learned along the way in EY Law’s implementation journey, and how CLM helped Laura’s team drive future decisions
  • IACCM research on how to quantify the value of CLM in your organization based on your own data
  • How to calculate the ROI of contract lifecycle management as well as benchmark data from Agiloft customers on the value of CLM

What the full webinar replay below:

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