We are excited to welcome our newest platinum partner, JHensley Consulting, enlisted to resell and configure Agiloft to provide solutions for contract management, business process management, as well as loan origination processes and corporate investment deal tracking for the financial services industry.

California-based JHensley Consulting offers a wide range of software consultation, implementation, enhancement, reporting, documentation, training, and support services across a variety of platforms and industries, with a special emphasis on business process management and contract management.

“I’m proud to be an Agiloft Platinum Partner,” said Justin Hensley, owner and founder of JHensley Consulting. “After discovering the power and flexibility of Agiloft, I immediately recognized it as the do-it-all solution that clients would love compared to their patchwork of disparate software systems. It can be used to automate almost any business process and is infinitely customizable, all the while being more affordable than the competition. I knew right away I wanted to make it a central focus of my consultancy,” said Hensley.

With the Agiloft’s Contract Management Suite built on our deeply configurable no-code platform, JHensley will be able to quickly configure and customize solutions to suit the most complex customer requirements—not just for contract management.

Financial Service Solutions

Currently, JHensley is developing end-to-end loan origination processes and corporate investment deal tracking for clients in the financial services industry. This solution is particularly valuable for financial investors, banks, and lenders looking to automate borrower applications, due diligence, deal tracking, as well as loan review and approval. It includes a web portal for borrowers to submit loan applications, automated credit memos for loan reviews, advanced reporting, and more. Read about this innovative loan origination process management here.

JHensley offers free online consultations for prospective clients who are looking for creative solutions to their unique problems. For more, visit: www.jhensleyconsulting.com

Agiloft’s global Partner Program has grown by 58% so far in 2019, and JHensley joins a rich network of Agiloft resellers and solution providers across six continents.