When Inland Technologies initially purchased Agiloft, the environmental services company intended to use the solution exclusively for contract management. However, once Paul Gamble, Contract Administrator for Inland, began exploring the product, he realized it could handle many more critical business processes beyond contracts.

“I learn software by playing around with it, so I decided to build my own table to truly master the system,” said Gamble. “As I did so, I realized how flexible and customizable Agiloft was.” Inspired, Gamble asked Jack Wicks, Analyst/Implementer for Agiloft, to leverage the contract management tables in Agiloft to also create tables for managing RFPs and employee code of conduct documents.

Today, Agiloft’s solution for Inland encompasses a centralized repository, with automated workflows and notifications for contracts, RFPs, and code of conduct documents. Specifically, Inland can track the lifecycle of RFPs—from creation, to approval, to distribution and signing by outside vendors. In addition to distributing code of conduct documents to employees, the system tracks when and if Inland staffers sign these critical HR agreements.

Eventually, Gamble revealed, Inland also plans to use Agiloft for managing purchasing contracts. “It’s obvious to me that Agiloft can handle much more than contract management,” he said.” “In the system that was built for us, we had a few specific requirements that were not part of Agiloft’s initial configuration, and those requirements were implemented seamlessly. If a business function comes up and someone asks if Agiloft can do it, I say ‘yes.’ Agiloft is extremely customizable and adaptable.”

Read more about the Inland Technologies case study here: https://www.agiloft.com/inland-technologies-case-study.pdf