Last week, Agiloft product manager Jack Wicks hosted an online training discussing how to utilize contract lifecycle management (CLM) capabilities directly within Microsoft Outlook. With the Agiloft Contract Assistant, you can now sync email with contract records for easy tracking and auditing. Learn more in our 2021 Spring Release webinar.

What is the Agiloft Contract Assistant?

The Agiloft Contract Assistant streamlines contract workflows by enabling you to access Agiloft CLM functionality within the tools you already use: Microsoft Word and Outlook. These plug-ins work directly within Microsoft 365 apps whether on PC, Mac, or while using the web apps.

The Agiloft Contract Assistant for Microsoft Word utilizes our AI capabilities to analyze contracts, identify terms and clauses, and import them into contract records. Additionally, the Agiloft Contract Assistant can assess and determine the risk score of clauses and contracts based on deviations from standard contract language or any other risk condition configured by the organization.

Learn more about the Agiloft Contract Assistant for Microsoft Word here. For help in configuring this plug-in, see the help page on the Agiloft wiki.

The Agiloft Contract Assistant for Outlook provides an integrated CLM experience within your inbox, giving you the ability to add attachments directly to a contract record via email as well as add attachments from Agiloft to email messages. Learn more about this popular plug-in in the below training webinar.

How to Use the Agiloft Contract Assistant for Microsoft Outlook

Watch the full training webinar replay below:

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