Managing risk is a priority for every Legal Department, and there is nothing like a global pandemic to expose where it is—whether you knew about it or not. In a time of crisis, you do not have the resources to unnecessarily spend time searching for contracts and critical business terms. There are better ways.

This week we hosted a webinar with corporate law consultant Ellen Nendorf, JD discussing the best practices for managing contractual risk and how you can successfully navigate the challenge from your new home office.

Some key questions Ellen answered in this webinar were:

  • What are the risks in your legal department now that everyone is working from home?
  • How can you identify risks in your contract lifecycle?
  • How can you begin to reduce contractual risk?
  • Why legal teams cannot rely on one person (Kathy) to manually manage contracts?
  • What are some resources to help you begin to understand effective contract management?

Watch the full webinar replay below:

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